We were surprised at the sizable turnout!
("We counted our noses and our blessings," says Flip Collins)

We really did rally around the flag!

     After you’ve clicked on the blown-up enlargement above, you’ll have some idea of what I mean by our guys "rallying around the flag." . . '44 Men really did show upon on campus for their TENTH and the photo really doesn’t tell the full story , , Art was determined to set a new "TenthYear Attendance Record" and made a "Just register with us and pay-no Reunion-Fee!" offer to all Greater Tompkins County Area '44's to come join us.

     Each got a Ballantine's tin cup (with chain) for their beer as a walk-on and some 58, repeat 58, off them signed the C.U. Reunion Register at that time. The Class of ’44 sign-aboards totaled - Men and Women '44's - a whopping 215 in attendance, but I’m sorry to say that not even this total got the record for us but it did bring about some true mob scenes at many of our functions.

     Let’s take a look back and see how things went in '54 . . For example, all classes paraded in those days . . They lined up INSIDE Barton after their Saturday $1.50 luncheon, marched out the Barton’s East exit back door, and paraded down Campus Road to the stands in Hoy Field, where the Class clerks indicated the reserved spaces in the stands for the individual Reunion Class Photos. Organization plus! Before I forget, the tab for the Barton Hall 50 years later - that’s June, 2004 - is a posted $12.00 a ticket.

Catching up on the changes in the campus scene

     Pre-lunch, we heard President Deane Malott’s Annual Report to the Alumni in Statler Hall Auditorium ("Cornell is solvent!") . . and post-luncheon we opted to just lounge around and do the "beer thing" or take one of the many one-hour Campus Caravan bus tours with the then seniors acting as the "barkers" aboard the buses. Ten years out, I found Cornell to be as beautiful as ever and it certainly didn’t appear to have changed that much.

     Friday evening post-dinner, many of us were "audience" at the Alumni-Senior Sing held at the Goldwin Smith Portico at 8 . . This Reunion activity has since been replaced by an informal concert held inside Goldwin Smith’s quad entrance at which talented alumni groups (the Sherwoods, the Hangovers, etc.) do their thing to entertain the alums . .

     The '54 Reunion Rally, the climax of the weekend’s activities, was held in Barton Hall, rather than in Bailey Hall, and the acoustics in the Drill Hall for the Glee Club and the other songsmiths, were in one word, reverberating . . All in all, our TENTH was a most memorable occasion for those of us who were present, and we do have some black & white and full color vintage photos thanks to Curt Andrews to show you that will confirm this . . so click on the captions below!

Philip "Flip" Collins,
VP,Emeritus, Mid-Atlantic Region


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