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     One of the most exciting things that is happening today is the emergence of on-line internet communities, places where people with similar backgrounds and interests can gather electronically to exchange information, experiences, and ideas . . . and your ’44 Website pages comprise such a community! . .

     As a '44, you need to take only ONE action to join our community . . SEND your full name and E-mail address to the Webmaster at . . cu44@optonline.net

How do you navigate the site?

     It's pretty simple . . Click on any of the multi-colored "sections" shown above or below the main title and a colored deck of "links" will drop down. These comprise some of the website's 103 broad subject areas. Clicking on any one of these drop down "links" will take you directly to the page of that subject area.

     After reading through a page, click on either the small "TOP" or "HOME" button at the bottom right of each page and you'll be returned to the TOP of the section you're reading OR to our HOME Page at which you can use the Nav Bar once again to move to still another new subject area. Certain pages will carry underlined links and/or a "See" link found just opposite the byliner's signature. These are suggested links that will carry you to the cited underlined areas . . and that's all there is to it.

     One quick tip: If you're on a page and wish to move through its particular "section" or subject area, you'll find a green "N" bullet for NEXT at the bottom right or along the right hand side of all pages. Click on that "N" and you'll be taken quickly to the next page.

     As you'll note, more than 80 of the subject areas listed will introduce you to one of your '44 Class Officers, an active class member, or a specific University faculty or staff member. This volunteer person's photo appears at the top of the page and his or her short biographical sketch is shown at the bottom center of the page . . This is our electronic way of saying "Howdy!" and acquainting you first hand with many of your Class Officers. If there's a horizontal bar underneath the person's photo, this means that he or she has provided us with a sound bite. Click onto that bar and hear a 1- to 2-minute message from that person.

     Note that our opening ding-a-ling animated Library Tower opening page has a BUTTON and the words, "Skip Intro" at the top right of the page . . They've been added so that the next time you check in to the '44 website you can go directly to the HOME PAGE without listening to all of the Cornell bells and whistles again.

     When completed, the website can truly be called a '44 time capsule that covers virtually all of our Class' activities of yesterday and today . . Many of the photographs and copy that appear in our Class of '44 Memorial Room - the Reunion photos, the team and individual photos, our major donors, etc. - will be reproduced in our website over time and will enable the several hundred of our classmates who have not been able to return to campus to view the Memorial Room's 300-odd presentations.

     So keep checking into the '44 website for your Class Officers and your Webmaster promise to provide many more pages, facts, and photos that will be of direct interest to you.

A "password" will be necessary

     A large part of our Class of '44 Website is made available to all viewers, '44 or not. Please understand, however, that certain website pages will be limited to active, duespaying members of the Class of '44. These will be secure, password-protected pages that will assure the privacy of our classmates. For example, the pages that provide a listing of the e-mail addresses of your classmates carry "personal" information and Cornell has suggested that '44 protect the privacy of the listed individuals by limiting access to these areas to those who have been provided with a '44 "password." Our "Class Roster" carrying the home addresses of our class members and the "Snowbirds" second home listings will also be limited to our duespaying Class members as will be our "Class Officer" address list. Sorry, but we live in a probing world and that's the way they wish to have it.

      How do you access the "password"? . . As a '44 duespayer, please send your full name and e-mail address to cu44@optonline.net . . '44's Webmaster will return the working "password" to you that's needed to access these few restricted pages. It's a simple password and one you're not likely to forget. Being of the "senior moment"generation, if it so happens that you forget the password, just ding the '44 Webmaster again at the website link cited in the second paragraph above.

     Lastly - the full website is planned to cover some 550-600 linked pages by 2007 and have more than 3,500+ photos and illustrations. We remind you again that our website is a time capsule, one that you and your progeny will be able to enjoy in the years to come.

Art Kesten
, Class of '44 Webmaster
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