Maggie Kappa
Maggie Kappa

Who would have thought? 20 years out!
(Maggie Kappa: "We all sweated buckets in our new blazers.")


Having just been merged with the Men's Class, the '44
women started out hating those wool horse blankets

     I’m delighted to have been asked to play a role in helping to tell “The Reunion Story” as lived by our ’44 classmates . . Like all of us – to include our Webmaster – what we did, when we did it, and how we did it, as regards our five year assemblies, had significant impact on us back then. Now, as we get older, it becomes more difficult to remember the details tied to any particular class reunion.

     What stands out – and what will be remembered by each of us – has to differ as we each choose to remember only certain parts of the Reunion experience that was our 20 Year assembly in 1964.

     The two of us – Art and I – are sort of casting bread on the waters, i.e., we hope in putting together this minimum number of photos (almost all of them macho) that you’ll be tempted to send in additional CAPTIONED photos that we can copy and return to you.  You might even brief us on an amusing (or not so amusing) personal episode that happened at Reunion while we all sported around in our all-wool blazers.

     I submitted the above photo of myself along with the requested “profile” and Art wrote me saying, “What’s going on here?  Are you sure you want me to use this?”  I responded in the affirmative and that’s why you’ve got Groucho!  In later years, that ’44 gadfly, Bill Falkenstein, press-ganged me into “Moosemilk” service and when you look ahead to the website photos in the ’80’s and ’90’s you’ll see a far more attractive Maggie doling out or mixing that ungodly stuff. For awhile there, I also was an important part of our three-member ’44 Marching Band, a role I really enjoyed.

     Will I be there at our 60th?  You can back on it!  Will I be there at our sixty-fifth?  I certainly hope so – nothing would give me more pleasure as a Hotelie  than to tool about Statler (and its built-in Hotel School) on the motorized scooter that I (and perhaps you) may need by that time.  I said, “may need,” so don’t get all upset.

Maggie McCaffrey Kappa, BS Hotel 1944
Vice President, Emeritus


A look at 1964 from another attendee's view

     When you enlarge the above Barton Hall photo by clicking on it, remember that this was JUNE and not everyone went along with the call to "Wear your new blazer for the group photo!”  Yet a good many braved the weekend's on-campus heat and did just that for the group photo, for other gatherings, and for our several dinners.

     Who do we have to thank for getting '44 those great Fall and Winter blazers?. Bill Falkenstein, a top J.P. Stevens marketing executive at the time, was the culprit. Only kidding for he didn’t rob us – he robbed J.P!  We have him to thank for those blazers were really sharp . .and many of us still wear them today with little or no alterations.

     With material on hand, your webmaster then contracted with a Fifth Avenue tailor named "Jay Cobb" asking Mr. Cobb to take Bill's 100 percent wool material and fashion our Class blazers for us. . He did just that, but, unfortunately, he forgot about the "bosom" factor in his request for written "measurements" and our Lady ’44’s wound up with really tight-chested fits.

     Yes, the Ballantine's tin beer mugs with beaded chain were still in fashion at our time of our 20th and they were a full weekend fixture around our necks as we caroused through all of the Class tents on the Arts Quad.

Joyce Tamres Brenner
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