What's the purpose?

     We '44's - the War Babies who sired the Baby Boomer generation - have always been a most active Cornell class . . From the very first - when all of us belonged to separate Men's and Women's Classes under the early leadership of Lou Daukas and Kay Snell Sigety - we began to "cluster"... and we're still doing so many years later.

     This '44 website is a new attempt to "cluster" as individuals. . but this time on a modern electronic basis. Considering our age level, we're a fairly large alumni group . . Yet there are a great many who entered Cornell in the Fall of '40 who - for one reason or another - have not joined with our class organization in any of our many activities.

     By offering this quite comprehensive - and hopefully, very nostalgic - look at '44 and what you and our other classmates have done over the years, it's our hope that many of those who have remained outside the fold will re-join the Class and participate with us, if only on a Website basis. How many more ways can I say that we want you back with us?

     And while we're at it, we know that we haven't covered all of the nooks and crannies of our on-campus and alumni lives, and will welcome any and all suggestions from you as to additions. The '44 Webmaster awaits your input. He can be reached at cu44@optonline.net.

     Did you notice the line on our opening page - "Dedicated to our progeny"? Let me say it again . . This website is forever - it's a true time capsule - and your very hip children and grandchildren who are into computers will be able to read about you and the on-campus and alumni life that we as '44's all enjoyed . . Our offspring were very much in our minds when we planned this updated website . .

This is the place!

     In the months to come, this '44 Update page will serve as the location for pertinent Class information . . We plan to POST updated '44 info on this page two times a year - in January and July . . . On these same two occasions, we'll revise - change - and update our Class Roster, Missing Persons, and Deceased pages. If you have any personal change you'd like to make in this '44 Website, please keep the January 1 and July 1 dates in mind. Keep in touch with us by "hitting" your Website - just one of the ways you can stay young by staying active!

Dotty Kay Kesten
, President, '44
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