The late '40's - Separate but equal!
('44's Prez recalls when co-eds lived, ate, tinkled, and slept separately)

Back then, women reun'd separately

     Yes . . . We had our own tent! . . our own beverages . . our own dormitory . . and our own costume. Talk about “separate but equal!” . . That was in vogue in 1949 as regards “Reunions for Cornell Women.”

     Our costume? . . The great group photograph of the 33 of us that was taken on Hoy Field in 1949 tells you that we spent even less than the men! . . Our modest hats were it! . . And we got them for under $1.50 each, an astounding purchase by today’s standards . . Like the men, none of us were very flush with money then and we made do.

     Be sure to CLICK ON THE PHOTO and view the blown-up enlargement . . I must admit I’m prejudiced but did you ever see such a lovely group of co-eds gathered in one place? . . How many can you identify?.

Where did we mass and what happened then?

     Don’t ask me about the 1949 Reunion Program or what Cornell and Alumni Affairs did for us in the way of morning and afternoon programming . . Like most husbands, mine is a collector, accumulator, closet-filler, etc, but 1949 Reunion brochures he has nary a one. Rest assured that even back then CU came up with ample entertainment for all of us. Art’ll research this at Alumni House in the future and if that office’s files are open he’ll come up with some of the long-forgotten details and you’ll see them added here later.

     Of more importance: if you can share some of your black & white (or color) 5th Reunion Snapshots with the rest of us please send them along to Art at 1 Crestwood Road, Westport, CT 06880 , , Caption them on the back or attach the caption on a stickum note and Art will scan the photo(s) and return them to you promptly.

     Our 60th–repeat SIXTIETH!--Reunion looms ahead of us . . and we’ve long since become a combined Men’s and Women’s Class (ergo a woman as President in later years) . . For us, it’s always more fun having the guys around! . . Tapping beer kegs was never a co-ed talent! . . Think about joining us when you receive the initial ’44 Reunion information mailing . .

Dotty Kay Kesten, HE, ’43
President, Class of 1944
Here are Some Reunion photos taken in 1949 – Click on to enlarge!

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