Not a big turnout, but what did you expect?
(Effervescent in later years, Bill Falkenstein was unstoppable in 1949)

It isn't easy to remember back that far!

     As we remember it, however, none of us were very flush with money in those days -- perhaps a few of us were -- but our 5th Year Reunion costumes certainly reflected the fact that we were just starting out in life.

     To stand out from the rest of the motley crowd, we wore cheap "Made in Japan" equally motley red plastic firemen's hats (In those days, Japan was just recovering from WWII and was into making all of the real cheap "Made in China" stuff we see today) .. Augmenting our sartorial efforts, we also sported about collectively in plain white Tee Shirts and that was it! . . Our "costume" in 1954 dollars cost us a big $1.75! Hat and Tee Shirt! No one was asked to do so, but you can already see the "synergism" that has sparked '44 through the years ...

     A goodly number of us went whole hog on their own and went out and bought and then wore fireman RED SUSPENDERS throughout the weekend! . . Weren't we something else?

     Looking at the group photo at our first "turnout" it's also easy to detect the extreme youth of all of us. After all, we were every bit of 25 years old ... and a few of us were even as old as 27! ... The important thing: we all survived World War II.

Where did we mass and what happened then?

     Check me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember that they sacked us in the nearby Men's dormitories – Mennen and the like . . Just a bit downhill . . If I'm wrong, tell Art about it so that he can make a correction here. . . Having to walk up and down that steep slope didn't faze any of us at the time . . Today, it would be another matter.. . .

     There were few, if any, complaints from anyone, particularly since we did most of our socializing in our small tent that was pitched right on the same Library slope. We were into quarter kegs in those days and we had a tapped one in our tent at all times; the University might have given us some souvenir mugs at the time So, bed and beer were quite close together and for some, that was a good thing.

     Don't ask me about the 1949 Reunion Program or what Cornell did for us in the way of morning and afternoon "entertainment." Art will research this with Alumni Affairs and if that office can come up with some '49 Reunion details you'll see them here.

     Lastly, if you can share several of your black & white 5th Reunion snapshots with the rest of us please send them along to Art at 1 Crestwood Road, Westport, CT 06880 . . Caption them on the back or attack the caption on a stick on note . . Art will scan them and return them to you promptly.

     I'm writing this with our repeat 60th! – Reunion just ahead of us . . It's hard to believe 54 years have flown by in the interim.


Bill Falkenstein, Hotel, '44
, Vice President, Southwest Region


Here are Some Reunion photos taken in 1949 – Click on to enlarge!

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