The Greek Influence

Welcome! . . Im Ed Carman, BME 44 from Potomac, MD, and Im one of four of your classmates who represent those 44s who reside in our Mid-Atlantic Region. Let me be the first of the four to define our Region it encompasses Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and the District of Columbia.

I’ve been tasked with defining the “Greek influence” that permeated our lives while were on campus . . . I plan to do this in very broad terms for three other of our classmates will delve into this influence in more specific terms.

First . . there were the many fraternities that were in existence in the ’40’s that bore Greek names . . How many were there? . . Would you believe there were 47 separate facilities that housed male ’44’s at the time? . . This number diminished in the ensuing years and today only 40 are still in operation as fraternity houses.

Second , , There were 13 sororities in which our ’44 co-eds dined, mixed and mingled, studied, and slept during ’41-’44.  They, too, bore “Greek” names . . In 2005, the 13 were still “home” to many co-eds.

Third, many of the university’s honorary societies bore Greek names . . For example, you may never have come in contact with Chi Delta or the Delta Club. They were social societies, but each of us knew of a ’44 who made Phi Beta Kappa or Tau Beta Pi.

How did all of this come about?  When did our American sororities, fraternities, and honorary societies first adopt these Greek names? That’s someone else’s story to tell . . It’s not mine. If you’re panting to know, try Google . . .

All done? . . . Now if you wish to delve into this further, click on:

Edward H. Carman III,
Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Region
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