Recognition at the University and Class Levels

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     Over the years, the Class of 1944 has been recognized by Cornell University for its accomplishments in a wide variety of endeavors . . These "awards and honors" have singled out the Class as a whole and, in other instances, individual members of ’44 have also been honored.

     As just two of the many noteworthy examples of Class recognition, world-famous author Kurt Vonnegut and 13-year Father-Son Tennis Champion Frederick V. McNair are in the Class’ Hall of Fame in the ’44 Memorial Room.

     Two non-’44's, Ed Marinaro, Hotel ’73, and Pete Gogolak, AB ’64, are also in the same Hall - Marinaro wearing #44 while establishing countless NCAA football rushing records in the ’70's and Gogolak who set an Ivy League record during ’62-’64 by kicking 44 consecutive points after touchdown.

     In 1979, the Class made a major Reunion donation to the University at our 35th Reunion, when Hilda Milton, our Cornell Fund Representative and "Joe" Driscoll, Class President, presented a $1.3 million check to President Rhodes and Trustee "Brud" Holland.

     University recognition was given to one of our own, Grace Acel Anderson, ’44's 1979 Inductee to Cornell University’s Athletic Hall of Fame. Grace had been a three-time selectee as an Olympic fencer and a three-time Nat’l Intercollegiate Fencing Association Champion as well.

     At a well attended 50th Reunion Dinner in 1994, President Rhodes accepted our Class of 1944 donation check from Jerry Tohn, Cornell Fund Representative, and Dotty Kesten, Class President. The very legible print on our oversized jumbo check? $3.18 million.

     In the same year I was honored at yet another on campus ceremony when I was inducted to the Cornell University Athletic Hall of Fame as the second member of the Class of 1944 . . I had been a two-sport (baseball and football) Wearer of the "C" and was both a football captain-elect at Cornell and a later professional football player.


A significant contribution

     Continuing University recognition cited Robert E. "Bob" Gallagher and members of his family. The Winnetka, Illinois family were honored at mid-court basketball game ceremonies in 1995 for their $1.5 million endowment of the Basketball Chair. One of the first endowments of its kind, the Gallaghers’ major gift was responsible for many other other Cornellians making similar contributions in subsequent years to endow other athletic department positions.

     In 1998 during Homecoming Weekend, Dotty and Art Kesten received the Frank H.T. Rhodes Exemplary Alumni Service Award becoming the first Cornell husband and wife team to be so honored for their lifetime service to the University and its many alumni programs.

     In another October, 1998 ceremony, "Bob" Gallagher, a two-time basketball captain (1942-1943 and 1946-1947), became ’44's third Inductee to Cornell’s Athletic Hall of Fame, joining the two earlier Inductees, Grace Acel Anderson in 1979 and myself in 1994.

     The foregoing - in highlighting both Class and individual ’44 contributions - represent in part the roles, large and small, that each of us has played in supporting our great University.

Louis J. Daukas
, Past President, ’44


Nov 04
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