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     As your Class Correspondent, I’m responsible for taking the “News” items that class members send in along with their dues renewal - and at other times of the year - editing them and putting them together, along with others that I receive, into a newsworthy class column that appears in alternate monthly issues of the Cornell Alumni Magazine.

     I enjoy doing this very much - I’m a “most willing volunteer” - and I certainly hope to be able to continue writing the Class Columns for many, many years to come . . In December, 1991, I was asked by the Class President to “author” the class column in the magazine and to replace Art Kesten who had assumed the role on the death of longtime Class Correspondent Joe Driscoll in June of 1990. I’ve been doing the column ever since!

     Prior to that I’d been writing the ’44 Women’s Class Column throughout the ’60’s, and like the merger of the separate Men’s and Women’s ’44 classes that took place at about that time, we simply merged the submitted personal items the Class received into a single column.

A bit of background . .

     Some facts you might not have known or realized: The Cornell Alumni Magazine editors have a rigid deadline that we must meet . . “Copy” must be submitted to their office THREE months ahead of publication . . I trust this will explain why an item that you submit to me may NOT appear in print until sometime later . . All I can say is, “Please be patient . . I’m trying my very best.”

     Their production schedule? The “Alumni Magazine” follows a six-time-a-year production schedule: They publish issues with cover titles in January-February, March-April, May-June, July-August, September-October, and November-December.

     Which submitted copy do I use? . . Please understand that our first obligation is to use those items submitted by the duespaying members of our Class who subscribe to the magazine. Then I accommodate our duespaying members who do not receive the “Alumni Magazine.” Lastly, items submitted by non-duespaying, non-subscribing members of ’44 to our Westport, CT address, OR those sent directly to me, OR those sent directly to the "Alumni Magazine" are then considered.

     Where should you submit your personal items?
Aside from those “personal notes” affixed to your renewal notice (which are forwarded on to me), you may forward your “personals” directly to me by e-mail at: frundell@aol.com or by mail to: Nancy Torlinski Rundell, ’44; 20540 Falcons Landing Circle - #4404; Sterling, VA 20165-7102.
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Nancy Torlinski Rundell,
Class Correspondent, '44
"Cornell Alumni Magazine"
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