All of us are still in this together.

     The 146 individuals whose names are listed below - and believe me there ARE 146 so don’t bother to count them - are by no stretch of the imagination to be regarded as a "mob scene." They are the members of our own Class of '44 who, individually, chose to make a personal donation to the University, and who did so in amounts between $25.00 and $499.00. I was one of these donors and have been asked by the Webmaster to elaborate on our participation.

     Please understand that I’m not in any way connected with the fundraising activities of '44 or those of my classmates. These have primarily been handled for the Class of 1944 most competently by our hardworking Cornell Fund triumvirate of “Hank” Bates, Jerry Levitan, and Peter Miller but now the Cornell Fund for the Class will be held by "Hank" Bates alone during the coming year. I clearly recognize the importance of alumni support and what this support means to Cornell, and I’m delighted to be able to tell you about this facet of it in this ’44 website page . .

Guinevere L.Griest
, AB. A&S

This list will be augmented by those '44s who renew their '08-'09
class membership through the October 15, 2008 cutoff date:

Albright,Allen James
Alexander,Richard Morris
Allen,Frederick Robin
Anderson,Barbara V
Angell,Herbert Sylvester
Aronson,Hubert Michaels
Bailey,Frederick Norris
Barry,Alison King
Baxter,Raymond Carlos
Beck,Curt Frederic
Bigham Sr,William Arthur
Bolz,Robert Mayer
Bower,Stanton Ellseworth
Bowne,Barbara Hall
Boyd,Barbara M.
Boyd,Lee Edwin
Brandt,Norman Henry
Brenner,Joyce Tamres Haft
Brody,Ruth P.
Bronstein,Amy H.
Brown,William Arthur
Brunton,Ruth C
Bryan,Roland Towler
Bryant,Robert Parker
Busch,John Folts
Calvert,William La Mont
Carman III,Edward Horace
Clagett,Virginia MacArthur
Clements,Barbara C.
Conner Sr,John Thomas
Cook,Duane Clarence
Crandall,Donald Irving
Daukas,Janet Buhsen
Davis,Jean Slaughter
Dimon,Myron L.
Donaldson,William Auld
Droz,Elizabeth Scheidelman
Earl,Clifford Newton
Ekegren Jr,John William
Elkins,William Cramer
Elling Jr,Elizabeth
Eskwitt,Herbert Melvyn
Evans,Richard Judd

Falkenstein Jr,William Daly
Faulkner,Wayne Alfred
Ferrel,Ruth Helen
Fisher-Cohen,May Z.
Fitchett,Edwin Edward
Flynn,Joseph Powell
French,Mildred Anne
Gallagher,Isabel Lyman
Garritt,Melvin Lane
Geib Jr,Jay Russell
Gellman,Maurice Martin
Getman,Harlan Raymond
Gould,Rodney Sylvester
Griest,Guinevere L
Hagens,Herbert Helge
Harlan,Nancy M.
Hillman II,Joel
Hillman,Richard Brace
Hirsch,Robert Louis
Holden,John Landis
Holliday,Sigrid H.
Hutchinson,Alexander Paul
Hyman,Carol H. Brach
Janowitz,Saul Harvey
Jennings,Ann B
Joint,Mary Helen
Kaelber,George John
Kaelber,Jean R.
Kander,Kenneth Allen
Kane,William Raymond
Keller,Taylor Henry
Kerby Jr,Russell Taylor
King,William Patrick
Knapp,Yorke Frederic
Kustas,George Louis
Laird,Mary Stroud
Lane,I. William
Lesure,John Dart
Lippi,Ettore John
Logue,Jeanne Neubecker
Logue,Joseph Carl

Markham,Theodore W
McCarthy,Robert Carleton
Middleton,Donald Hoxie
Mitchell,Geraldine T
Moore,Franklin Kingston
Morris,M. Dan
Murdoch,Inez Catherine
Nash II,John
Oliva,Peter Frank
Ortner,Marie Thompson
Packman,Erma Fuchs
Parker,Harold Cecil
Parrett,John Thomas
Pond,Eugene Everett
Prasil,Anthony Joseph G
Purdie,Otis Dike
Reynolds,Frank Miller
Rhynedance Jr,Harold D
Rhynedance Jr,Ruth Arlene
Rochford,Robert Schuyler
Rochlin,Robert Sumner
Roecker,Robert Moar
Rothermich,Doris L
Ruderfer,Marjorie Herbert
Rundell,Nancy Torlinski
Schaeffer,Maurice Stanley
Scholl,Eleanor Bloomfield
Seefeldt,Arnold Ralph
Simons,Christine Sexauer
Smith,Gilbert Irvine
Sternglass,Ernest Joachim
Stewart,Barbara Palmer
Stratton,Anne Nancy
Thompson,Betty Leona
Thompson,Robert Hamilton
Van Deusen,Carlisle Watson
Waldman,Aaron Nathan
Wasmuth,Eleanor A
Wells,Walter Hubbell
Widmer Jr,Arthur Jacob
Wilkins Jr,George Milton

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