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Class and Reunion Programs (C&RP)
Roles & Responsibilities

Margaret Gallo ‘81, Director  [(607) 255-2390 -]

Margaret Gallo
  • Overall C&RP management
  • Main contact for CACO president and executive committee
  • Collaboration with other AA&D departments
  • Development of effective campus-based programming for alumni

Carol Fenton, Assistant Director, Business Services  [(607) 254-6172 -]

Carol Fenton
  • Works with classes of 1937–2007, minority alumni associations and regional clubs to manage treasury accounts and prepare monthly statements
  • Coordinates vendor payments, purchase orders, bid requests, and money handling for all class events, including reunion.
  • Publications: Accounts Quarterly newsletter and Treasurer’s manual
  • Liaison with Business Service Center to collaborate with Cornell Alumni Magazine, University Cash Management, Division of Finance, Tompkins County Trust Company, Cornell Purchasing and Risk Management.

Kate Freyer, Program Assistant  [Not on CU Directory. Call 255-2390]

Kate Freyer
  • Assists in the coordination and implementation of Reunion, Reunion Kickoff, Homecoming, and Mid-Winter Meeting
  • Generates various monthly reports and provide statistical information for Class, Membership, and Reunion staff
  • Publications: Youth Program Brochure, Athletic Program Brochure
  • Events: Barton Hall Booths

Cheryl Lippincott, Administrative Assistant  [(607) 255-1988 -]

  • Registration and transportation arrangements for Mid-Winter Meeting (November – February)
  • Reunion registrations for 55th–75th reunions and athletic events (March-June)
  • Trustee/Council Annual meeting registrations (July–October)


Class Staff

Susan Doney, Alumni Officer  [(607) 255-4850 -]

Susan Doney
  • Works with the classes of 1937 – 1967 on all aspects of
  • class business (non-Reunion mode)
  • CACO Committee contact: Leadership, Preserving the Past, Website
  • CACO Summer Retreat and New Officer Leadership Training (NOLT) planning and implementation
  • Class nominations

Tina Gourley, Senior Alumni Officer  [(607) 255-7090 -]

Tina Gourley
  • Works with the classes of 1968 – 1987 on all aspects of class business (non-Reunion mode)
  • CACO committee contact: Communications, Mid-Winter Meeting (MWM)
  • Mid-Winter Meeting planning and implementation
  • Class statistics

Ayanna Hughey, Alumni Officer  [(607) 255-1988 -]

Ayanna Hughey
  • Works with the classes of 1988 – 2008 on all aspects of class business (non-Reunion mode)
  • CACO committee contact: Diversity
  • Senior Class officers and Senior Class Campaign
  • Young Alumni programming


Membership Staff

Debra Earl, Alumni Officer  [(607) 255-7088 -]

Debra Earl
  • Works with all classes to design/process/coordinate membership & non-membership mailings
  • CACO committee contact: Membership
  • Various publications, graphics, Membership Mailings Guidelines & Templates Booklet, Automatic Renewal Program, Class Dues Cards
  • Cornell Alumni Magazine - subscriptions, news cards, dues website

Brenda Canniff, Administrative Assistant  [(607) 255-7085 -]

Brenda Canniff
  • Processes all membership mailings - tracking and distribution
  • CACO committee contact: Board meeting minutes
  • Dues payment and Automatic Renewal Processing
  • Membership statistics, reports, and email solicitations


Reunion Staff

Cathy Hogan ‘70, Associate Director  [(607) 255-7085 -]

Cathy Hogan
  • Works with the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th Reunion classes
  • Oversees Homecoming, Reunion Kickoff and Reunion
  • Staff contact: university affiliates, colleges & units, professional schools, risk management office, volunteer training, briefings, alumni recognition, hotels
  • Publication: Reunion program
  • Events: Cornelliana Night, President’s Address, Olin Lecture, Arts Quad Tent Parties; Youth Program

Cindy Golos, Alumni Officer  [(607) 255-3053 -]

Cindy Golos
  • Works with the 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, and 45th Reunion classes
  • Staff contact: student employment and class clerks
  • Publications: Student Manuals, Reunion and Homecoming web pages
  • Events: Golf Tournament,
  • Clerk Orientation Meeting

Deanna Quvus St. Denis, Alumni Officer  [(607) 255-6582 -]

Deanna Quvus
  • Works with the 50th, 55th, 60th, 65th, 70th and 75th Reunion classes
  • Staff contact: Statler Hotel, van drivers and luggage handlers
  • Publications: Reunion Planning Guide, Reunion Highlights Brochure, Homecoming Self-mailer
  • Events: Van Cleef Dinner, Tennis Tournament

Kelly Woodhouse, Administrative Assistant  [(607) 255-7085 -]

Kelly Woodhouse
  • Works with Continuous Reunion Club (CRC) and Non-Reunion Year Reunions (NRY)
  • Staff contact: student payroll, mailings, workshop materials
  • Data entry for Reunion Program and Hightlights Brochure
  • Events: Reunion Run and Savage Club Show