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     As your Class Secretary, I'm indirectly involved in the Total '44 package - the makeup of our Class and its ebbs and flows . . Unfortunately, as we get older and older, there's a lot of ebbing and flowing. Those of you who have attended one or two of our more recent on campus Class Reunions have received and made use of the excellent Quinquennial Class Directories that were given out as a Reunion staple.  Class Directories that were given out as a Reunion staple. These Directories have since been replaced in their entirety by lists in our comprehensive Class website.

     Among other features, these Reunion Directories had a "Class Roster" of all '44's known to the University, each listing providing the person's full name, corresponding address, degree, year of degree, and telephone number . . (Note: Our Website, however, will not list the latter two items nor does it list any information on non-duespayers). In those instances where the University had lost contact with an individual, it has provided that person's name to the Class on a "Missing Persons" roster with the implication that it will welcome any "address information"that anyone had on that individual. "Missing Persons" is a separate website page.

     Yet another was the "Maiden-Married" listing that provided the reader with the "married" name, if known, of a co-ed opposite a listing of her on-campus maiden name . . Useful? . . You bet it was! And, sorry to say, there was a list of the deceased on "In Memoriam" pages The latter was augmented by a listing of our "WWII Deceased," those '44's who died while serving their country in World War II. Be aware of the presence of each of these three lists!

     All of the foregoing will appear in our '44 Website and will be augmented by three add'l rosters . . Our "Snowbirds" for one (where our classmates winter and/or summer in their second homes) and separate rosters covering our '44 "Legacies" (individual ones for the "Grandchildren" and the :"Children") who have attended Cornell . . Help? . . I've got it! . . The respective individual lists represent the combined efforts of seven of your classmates . . Check out their "pages" as they are made available to you.

Peg Addicks
, Secretary, '44
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