A distinct beautification project

     At our January, 2005 Class Officers' gathering held during the Cornell Ass'n of Class Officers (CACO) meeting in New York, classmate Mort Savada commented that he'd read in the NY Times that Princeton had planted new disease-free elm trees on their N.J. campus and that this being the case, perhaps our class might want to underwrite the purchase and planting of a number of elms on campus as a distinct Class of '44 Campus Beautifcation Project.

     The Class Officers present agreed that Mort's proposal had merit and your webmaster was asked to pursue the project by polling the full slate of Class Officers on their "Go-No Go" views. The balloting resulted in a solid "Great project!" - "Run with it!" vote. There were two additional steps to be taken: would the University welcome '44's support for such a project, and if so, what amount of Class underwriting would be necessary?

     Our University contact was William B. ("Barlow") Ware in the Development Office, and in our ensuing back and forths we learned that the University was receptive to '44's taking on this campus beautification project by underwriting elm trees (Princeton variety) on Garden Avenue, the street that runs behind Barton Hall from Hoy Field to Bailey Hall. The University's Committee on Named Facilities approved our Class proposal and requested that $12,000 in underwritng be donated over a period of four years. Deal or no deal? It was a deal!

The University took the lead in 2004

     We then touched base with Dennis B. Osaka, the Director of the Grounds Department at Cornell, and we received a most welcome surprise from this gentleman. The University had already planted elms along Garden Avenue in the Spring of 2004. These were mere 12- to 14-foot high saplings at the time and while none of us will live look enough to view the beautiful, majestic elms they'll eventually become a decade or four down the road, we'll know that '44's "beautification project" will be greatly appreciated by those who come after us. As Mr. Osaka so kindly put it in his letter to us, "Please extend my heartfelt gratitude - and that of our entire Cornell Community - to the Class of 1944."

And '44's thank you, Mr. Osaka, for taking the time to photograph the elms as they exist today so that we may see the start of our new Class Project.

     Our initial project fundraising letter went out to the full class in June, 2006 and '44's provided $7,053 in direct donations and an additional $750 in January 1, 2007 pledges - a wonderful response that returned almost two-thirds of the funds needed in the first year of our four year promise. The 2006 donors are listed below as well as those making a January 1, 2007 pledge, Come June, 2007, we'll try to raise the remaining $4,000 to complete our underwriting.

Elm Tree Project Donors

Allen J. Albright
Richard M. Alexander
Hubert Aronson
Alison King Barry
Henry H. Baxter
Howard W. Blose
Marion Graham Blose
Stanton E. Bower
Barbara Hall Bowne
Norman H. Brandt
Joyce Tamres Brenner
Robert C. Bryant
H. Sherman Burling, Jr.
Alice Gooding Cadwell
Andre S. Capi
Nancy Chien Chang
James M. Clark
Barbara Crafts Clements
Many Pollard Clist
Marie Buenning Cramer
Zelda Guttman Damashek
Helen Couch Darling
Janet Buhsen Daukas
Jean Slaughter Davis
Calvin S. DeGolyer, Jr.
Hugh C. Doerschuk
William A. Donaldson
John W. Ekegren, Jr.
Thomas L. Eschweiler
Herbert M. Eskwitt
Howard E. Evans
Richard J. Evans
William D. Falkenstein
Joseph P. Flynn
Robert E. Gallagher
Alice Garmezy
Jay J. Gold

Robert D. Greenburg
Jean Shaver Hansen
Nancy Maynard Harlan
Margaret Jimison Haynes
Sigmund Hoffman
Sigrid Henley Holliday
Marvin L. Huyck
Leonard Israel
Doris Holmes Jenkins
Mary Helen Joint
Arthur H. Kesten
Dorothy Kay Kesten
Jane Knight Knott
Greta Wilcox Leighton
John D. Lesure
Jerome Levitan
W. Addison Lincoln
Marjory Underwood Marker
Calvin L. Martin
Rose K. Matt
Parveen McNair
James A. McTague
Donald H, Middleton
Peter P. Miller, Jr.
Robert S. Miller
Lewellyn S. Mix
M. Dan Morris
Inez Johnston Murdoch
Helen Wright Murphy
Robert B. Pace
Eugene E. Pond
Kathleen Pierce Putnam
Robert E. Reidy
Lois Serby Rubaii
Merrill D. Sands
Mitzi Zahler Sands
Lila Perless Savada

Morton J. Savada
Norma Hirshon Schatz
Naomi Zion Schulman
Janice Taylor Scott
A Ralph Seefeldt
Barbara Taylor Sherwood
A Louis Shor
Madeleine King Short
Jesse G. Silverman, Jr.
Christine Sexauer Simons
Ruth Aronson Singer
Gilbert I. Smith
Audrey Jones Smithers
Yale Solomon
Janet Elwin Starr, ’46
Barbara Palmer Stewart
Milton Stolaroff
Alice Gallup Stout
Arnold B. Tofias
Gerald E. Tohn
Charles L. Van Arsdale
Charles E. Van Reed
Aaron N. Waldman
Priscilla Young Waltz
Ted H. Watkins
William S. Wheeler
Fern Chase Whitehurst
Gale Nightingale Wiggin, ’45
Margaret Hallock Wiggins
George M. Wilkins, Jr.
Philip J. Williams
Robert J. Woods, Jr.
Carl Yunker
William E. Zieman

Art Kesten
, Webmaster, '44
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