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Levitan Family

Wiggin Family

Droz Family

Sigety Family

Evans Family
Here are the second twelve '44 families!

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Photographs of 6 or more persons, to include an active member of the Class of 1944, may be submitted in any size in color or in black and white.  The caption should include the first and last names of each person shown and the family relationship. (John's son; Mary's husband; etc.) Plus S=Son; D=Daughter; GS=Grandson; GD=Granddaughter; GGS=Great-Grandson; GGD=Great-Granddaughter; SIL=Son-in-Law; DIL=Daughter-in-Law to help ID. After scanning, your photo will be returned to you. Send your well-protected photo to '44 Website; c/o Art Kesten, Webmaster; Crestwood Road; Westport, CT 06880.

DeGolyer Family

Brunton Family

Parker Family

Mix Family

Miller Family

Jenkins Family

Flynn Family

     Way, way back, when you first opened the '44 website, and the ding-a-ling page popped onto your screen with its pumpkin, its music, and its Ezra Cornell voice over, you might have missed the line, "This Cornell Class of '44 website is dedicated to our progeny." Believe us! . . It is!

     We'd like our children and our grandchildren to see how we enjoyed each other's company in the ‘40s and in later decades when we traveled, tailgated, and reun'd together … and more importantly, when we lived, studied, crammed, mixed and mingled, and trod the campus of that great university we all love so well.

     Our "Families" pages are an attempt to link your progeny and ours more closely to our '44 website.

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