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Ballard Family

Bowne Family

Brown Family

Hoffman Family

Carman Family
Here are the third twelve '44 families!

Here's the skinny on submitting a photo to the "Families" pages:

Photographs of 6 or more persons, to include an active member of the Class of 1944, may be submitted in any size in color or in black and white.  The caption should include the first and last names of each person shown and the family relationship. (John's son; Mary's husband; etc.) Plus S=Son; D=Daughter; GS=Grandson; GD=Granddaughter; GGS=Great-Grandson; GGD=Great-Granddaughter; SIL=Son-in-Law; DIL=Daughter-in-Law to help ID. After scanning, your photo will be returned to you. Send your well-protected photo to '44 Website; c/o Art Kesten, Webmaster; Crestwood Road; Westport, CT 06880.

Middleton Family

Kerby Family

Zieman Family

Milton Family

Phillips Family

Bellis Family

Fitchett Family

     Welcome to our Class of 44's third website page devoted to the families of your classmates. I'm Jim McTague, AB44 from Naples, Florida, and a happy participant in the website process.

     My family credentials can be found in the lower right hand corner of the FAMILIES 1 page where the full McTague family complement of 18 is shown.

     FAMILIES 3 captures some 173 progeny, in-laws, siblings, and spouses of twelve of our Class Officers. I didn't count them - webmaster Art did. Regardless of who did the counting, THAT is one very large portrayal of the family members of our classmates.

     Will there be another 12 group portraits in FAMILIES 4? We're working on it! - As an active member of '44, contact our webmaster for the nitty-gritties involved in submitting your family photo. Only two requirements: the submitter must be an active member of the Class and the photo must show the classmate and at least five other members of his or her family. My best to you and yours.

Jim McTague, 44AB
VP in Waiting, Southeastern Region '44
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