Warfighting in the 1942-1945 period
(Pete Bellis tells us about ''44's roles in the Air Corps and the Marines)

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TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT - CPL Anthony Misciagna, USMC, Radar Specialist with CONUS assignments, 43-46. 1LT Joseph P. Flynn, AUS; B-24 Bombardier shot down in Ploesti, Romania raid, later escaped; ETO - 1943-1946 CPL Maurice P. Bellis, USMC; Combat-Aerial Photographer;Marine Avn unit on small carrier in Pacific - 1943-1946

MIDDLE ROW - 1LT Philip C. Collins, USMC; Training Officer, MP Bn, 5th Marine Division; Pacific Theater - 42-46. 1LT Robert S. Miller, Army Air Corps; B-17 and B-29 pilot, Eastern/Western Training Commands, CONUS; 42-46 “The Massillon Tiger”- A 467th Bomb Group, Eighth Air Force B-24 ETO bomber flown by 1LT Edward W. King, ’44 1LT Harold C. Parker, Army Air Corps; B-24 pilot; 13th Air Force, Philippine Islands; Pacific Theater, 1942-1946 1LT Arnold B. Tofias, Army Air Corps; B-29 Flt Engineer; 40th Bomb Gp; ETO, Middle East, Pacific; 43-45 & 50-51

BOTTOM ROW - 1LT Charles S. Williams, Army Air Corps; B-25 pilot; 71st Sqdn, Fifth AF; Pacific Theater; 1942-46 1LT Robert S. Miller, Army Air Corps; Navigator; 39th Bomb Gp, 20th Air Force; Pacific Theater; 1943-1046 Shown in front of B-24 “Massillon Tiger” in Iceland in June, ’45 is 1LT Ed King while enroute home from England 1LT Edward W. King, Army Air Corps; B-24 pilot; 467th Bomb Group, Eighth AF; Rackheath, England; 1943-46 1LT Fred C. Hannahs, Army Air Corps, B-26 instructor+B-17-B29; Western Flying Comd, Yuma AAF; 1942-1945 1LT Robert E. Dillon, Army Air Corps; B-25 pilot and Instructor Pilot; Pacific Theater of Operations; 1942-1946 NOTE: Please notify the ’44 Webmaster of any errors.

Many of us went a different way!

   Military service during the 1940-1945 was sought by any and all able-bodied young men - and in many instances, many young women . . While a preponderance of our ’44 classmates went on to serve in the Army or the Navy due to their on-campus Army and Navy ROTC participation and their tie-in service commitments, a sizable number of ’44’s opted for the “wild, blue yonder” and “the Halls of Montezuma.”

     Direct enlistments in the Army Air Corps and the Marine Corps were made by many and in some instances, ROTC honor graduates were offered a direct commission on graduation. The bottom line: by mid-1944, our Class were flying fighter aircraft or performing as crew members of many medium and heavy bombers - B-25s, B-26’s, B-17’s, and even B-29’s. And our Marine Corps ’44’s had their hands full serving in USMC units fighting in all areas of the Pacific.

Robert F. Miller, DVM44

“Into the air” and “From the Halls of Montezuma”

     VE Day came and went . . VJ Day then came and went . . With their Cornell education cut short in their junior year, a good many ’44’s never did return to graduate on the Hill and obtained their degrees elsewhere . . . But many also opted to return to Cornell to obtain their degree. It was a hectic time for all! . . The hard decision: to either return to academia OR just put it all behind you, seek employment, and get on with your life.

     One of our most distinguished Marines was Colonel (Ret.) Joe File who, for many years, was involved in promoting the massive Scholarship Program conducted by the Marine Corps Reserve.

Maurice. P. Bellis, VP, New England
Corporal, USMC, Combat Aerial Photographer