Theodore J. Beyer
DVM 45 - Commodore-Elect of Crew
PFC, US Army as Veterinary School
Student, 1942-1943
Pearne W. Billings
AB 46 - Football and Baseball
Captain, Field Artillery, Patton’s
Third Army, ETO - 1943-1945
Howard W. Blose
ChemE 47 - Football and Track
LTJG, US Navy, Skipper, LCSL,
Okinawa and Japan, 1943-1946
Chandler Burpee, Jr.
AE 43 - Baseball - Soccer Captain
LTJG, USN, Enginering Officer at
Phila. Navy Yard, 1944-1946
Edward H. Carman, III
ME 44 - Lacrosse Captain - Hockey
LTJG, US Navy, Exec. Officer on
LST 803, 1943-1946
Samuel J. Caudill, Jr.
BArch 46 - Football and Lacrosse
2LT, OSS, Trained Guerillas in
Yunnan Province, CBI, 1943-1945
Meredith R. Cushing
EE 44 - Football Captain
Louis J. Daukas
AB 47 - Football [C] and Baseball
1LT, QM Corps, Weapons and
Training Officer, 1943-1946
Robert E. Dillon
AB 46 - Football and Golf
1LT, Army Air Corps, B-25 Pilot
and Flight Instructor, 1944-1946
Robert E. Gallagher
AB 47 - Basketball Captain
Ensign, USN, Carrier-Qualified
Dive Bomber Pilot, 1943-1946
William R. Hughes, III
CE 47 - Soccer and Swimming
LTJG, US Navy, SeaBees Training
Officer, 1942-1946
Russell C. Marron, Jr.
AB 44 - Soccer and Golf
Pvt, US Army Air Corps, Honorable
Discharge for Hearing Loss, 1943
Samuel R. Pierce, Jr.
AB 44, JD 49 - Football and Track
1LT, US Army, Criminal
Investigation Division (CID)
Charles R. Robinson
DVM 44 - Football and Baseball
Pvt, US Army Med Admin Corps,
Veterinary Technician, 1945-1946
Charles P. Weiss
A&S 47 - Football and Baseball
Army ROTC - Attended Cornell
Medical College in New York, NY
William S. Wheeler
ME 47 - Captain-Elect of Football
2LT, Army Air Corps Radar-Navigator,
B24 Instructor, CONUS, 1943-1945
Blanton C. Wiggin
AE 43 - Hockey and Gymnastics
1LT, Army Ordnance Corps, Auto-
motive Officer, ETO, 1943-1945
David H. Young
ME 44 - Basketball and Track
MSG, Army Corps of Engineers,
Pacific Theater, 1943-1945

’44 cites its top 18 athletes!

     As a member of the ’44 Athletic Hall of Fame, I’ve been asked to provide you with some background on our "Hall" that’s housed in the ’44 Memorial Room at Bartels Hall.

     How did it all come about and when? . . The acquisition, history, and earlier use of the room by the Class of ’44 are covered elsewhere in this website’s Memorial Room pages . . As a separate entity, the ’44 Hall of Fame came into being on Saturday, September 17, 1994, when the 18 qualified members of our class, were inducted in on-site ceremonies. One member, Meredith "Bud" Cushing, was inducted posthumously. Ms. Laura Toy, Director of Public Affairs in the Department of Athletics and Recreation at the time, served as our Master of Ceremonies on the occasion.

     What were the qualifications for induction into the ’44 Athletic Hall of Fame? . . Based on a mail poll of the known ’44 athletes at the time - as taken from a CU computer-generated list of "Wearers of the C" - the founders agreed that each candidate for induction should have earned a Varsity "C" in two or more sports, or have served as a Cornell team captain competing at the intercollegiate level.

But what is the "Hall"?

     What constitutes the actual "Hall"? . . An 8 x 10 photograph of each member is displayed on the north wall of the Memorial Room with some members shown dressed in their player’s uniforms. A sidebar caption details the sports in which the member earned his Varsity C’s and, this being a Memorial Room, a two-line entry on this same caption provided his rank or grade during WWII, his Service, and his military occupation.

     Where available, a small 1" x 1-1/2" photo of the member in his Service uniform was affixed to a lower corner of his photograph. Lastly, each member was given a personal "key" to the Memorial Room that was attached to a bronze commemorative ’44 emblem bearing his name.

     I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to provide this part of our ’44 Website, particularly since I know that a majority of our 370-odd "active" ’44's have never had the opportunity to visit our unique Memorial Room and view its "Hall" and the room’s many other displays.

Howy Blose
, VP, Connecticut, Class of 1944
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