'44 has always made the Honor Roll

    There's no question but that a great university relies upon its alumni body for substantial fiscal support to meet many of its annual financial obligations. And Cornell, being the great university that it is, does just that. . It turns to you.

    Were you aware that approximately 26 percent of Cornell's FY 2001 obligations were met by alumni contributions? They were!.. So you see, alumni do play an important role in this area .. and, collectively, '44 plays an important role in the total picture!

     The manner in which you make a personal donation to Cornell University - and the amount of that donation - are left entirely up to you . . While college, local area, and affinity group phone-a-thons may serve to emphasize their on-going need for your support .. and on-going corporate member matching funds may serve as an added incentive .. you're still the one that writes the size of the number opposite "$" on the check.

A myriad of programs

     As in any fund-raising program - be it for a local library addition, an opera house, a political campaign, a university project, or what have you - you'll always find that individuals will respond to a drive with varying levels of support . . No one forces Mr. Smith to donate more than Mr. Jones, but he does . .The more fortunate, the more dedicated, or, in many instances, the more involved commit themselves to a higher level of support and we're all thankful for that.

     At the highest level, individual Cornell alumni endow major campus building projects or programs, both domestic and international, and on a somewhat lesser scale but still all-important in the overall scheme of things, a growing number of alumni endow specific academic programs, or an athletic activity, sport, or coaching position, or even a certain playing position within a sport.

     Cornell is currently involved in a $100,000,000 campaign for athletics. Part of this, and close to my heart, is the basketball endowment.

     My role in this Website page is to provide you with a very broad picture of the areas in which alumni fiscal support takes place at Cornell, and to not get into the specifics. I encourage you to "click" onto the pages in our Website that are listed below where other classmates will give you the "details" of many of the aforementioned areas.

     Rest assured ... Decimated though it was by World War II, the Class of '44 pulled itself together postwar, and in the years that followed has certainly done its part to make Cornell the great institution that it is today.

Bob Gallagher
, VP, Midwest Region