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The truth of the matter!

     When I was asked to make a contribution to our Class website - and to do so by writing broadly about the area of Class leadership, I found myself in the unenviable position of having to write something about my ’44 role as part of this Website project. Small consolation, but I have the distinct feeling that our Webmaster has placed many others in the very same position.

     Our memories recall that the Mens’ and Women’s’ Classes were separate in the ‘40's and that each group had its own slate of officers and its own distinct on-campus activities. I was privileged to serve as the initial President of the Women’s Class, and my counterpart on the Men’s side was Bob Ballard . . Was ‘44 active in ‘40-’44? . . If you were there, you know it was!

Along came World War II

     World War II marked the exodus of many ‘44's from the Cornell scene as both men and women took up arms or served their country in one capacity or another . . It wasn’t until postwar that we began to function as a Class entity once again - and still in separate Men’s and Women’s roles. During this period Lou Daukas became the Men’s President and Ann Bode Jennings and Betty Droz led the Women’s Class of ‘44.

     Lou, Ann, and Betty were followed in subsequent years by Joe Driscoll, Art and Dotty Kesten, and Charlie Williams, the Class merging its separate Men’s and Women’s contingents into a single entity in 1969 under Joe . . No hooting and hollering from either gender, no lobbying, no acrimony All felt that it was time to merge and ‘44 did just that.

     Did we have great leadership? . . It’s hard for me to say . . Those who have been present at most of our Class activities over the years have never been polled on the subject . . From all observations, however, the perennials as well as the "occasionals" seemed to have a great time year after year in each other’s company and that, good friends, is what it’s all about after 58 years.

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Kay Snell Sigety
, Past President, ‘44
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