Surprise! ’44's begat more than 250!

     Yes! . . When you scroll down to the list of ’44 legacies that appears below - and note the names of the children of your classmates and mine - you’ll be quite surprised as I was. More than 250 ’44 children have been listed and we know that - in time - our new Website viewers will add yet another 25 or 30 more children that we may have been missed in our research effort.

     In case you’re curious, the "research" was performed at the offices of the Cornell Alumni Magazine by Lauren Coakley, ’04, a third generation ’44 legacy and the granddaughter of our Webmaster, and Lauren was given access to the "files" by Adele Durham Robinette, the current Business Manager of the magazine and the daughter of George Durham, ’44 . . The data obtained by the two is not only extensive - it’s also authentic.

     The format pretty much follows that of Legacies 2, the website page bylined by Peter Miller, ’44, the pages devoted to a listing of the grandchildren of our ’44 classmates. There’s one major difference in the listing below, however: our Webmaster has chosen to provide the names of the legacies under an alphabetical list that uses the maiden names of our co-ed ’44's. I personally think this is a good move for few of us will recognize the majority of the listed ’44 co-ed/parents by their married names. The legacy’s name in the column at the right invariably gives you a clue as to the co-ed’s married name.

     Several interesting things come to light when you compare the Legacies 1 and Legacies 2 pages.
Our classmates appear NOT to be producing many third generation legacies . . Our grandchild legacies (see Legacy 2) total about one-third of our second generation legacies . . Are our ‘44 grandchildren applying elsewhere, or if they are applying to Cornell, are they being bypassed? . . Or are our children having smaller families? . . Or is the "tab" - the annual cost of attending Cornell - considered now by many to be prohibitive? . . I’m not trying to open up a can of worms here, but the disparity between the generations in terms of the number of legacies within the two generations is quite evident.

     I’d be remiss if I didn’t close out my page by reminding you that you can add to, delete from, and/or correct line items in this legacy list by contacting the Webmaster at As stated below, revisions can be made each January 1, May 1, and September 1. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t express my delight in being able to contact my many classmates in this manner. I express it!

See Legacies 2 (Grandchildren listing)

Ed Fitchett
, ’44 BS, College of Agriculture
Three Cornell Generations - Two Cornell Parents
(The lone Class of ’44 parent is listed first - Where a woman is listed
in the left hand column, the name shown is her maiden name)
Member of '44 Student
George Durham, Shirley Dusinberre William B. Durham, BS 69
James G. Durham, AB 72
Irving H. Edwards, Winifred Wright (Both '44s) Wendy E. Edwards, Arch 70
Edwin E. Fitchett, Bernice Henry Gary W. Fitchett BS 72
George Getman, Hazel Ross (Both 44s) George S. Getman, JD 75
Dorothy A. Hardenburg Thomas C. Young, AB 76
Charles E. Haynes, Margaret A. Jamison John M. Haynes, BS 71
Doris Holmes, DuBois L. Jenkins Nancy H. Jenkins, BS 69
David H. Jenkins, BS 73
Burl A. Kimple, Frances Ward (Both '44s) John M. Kimple, BS 70
Edith Kelsey, Norman F. Lewis Elizabeth K. Lewis, AB 64
Allen R. Lewis, BS 69
Donald C. Lewis, BS 74
William M. Quinn, Elizabeth Kehoe William M. Quinn
Mary A. Quinn, AB 72
Felix Rackow, Jeanne Raynolds Barbara A. Rackow, AB 77
Donald Stevenson, Marjory Mordoff Katherine L. Stevenson, BS 75
Peter S. Tolins, Gloria Ellison Robert B. Tolins, ’AB 74
Jonathan P. Tolins AB 76
Three Cornell Generations - One Cornell Parent
(The lone Class of ’44 parent is listed - Where a woman is listed
in the left hand column, the name shown is her maiden name)
Member of '44 Student
Norman W. Allen Eric D. Allen, BS 75
Richard L. Best David S. Best, 72
Richard C. Cain James W. Cain
Edward H. Carman, II Edward H. Carman, III, BS 70
James S. Carman, AB 74
George F. Carrier Kenneth N. Carrier
Roger Cartwright Paul Cartwright
Robert T. Cochran, II Jane E. Cochran, AB 68
Naomi Colvin Deborah S. Gellman, BS 75
John B. Cummings John B. Cummings, Jr., BS 71
Calvin S. DeGolyer Christine C. DeGolyer
Willard T. DeGolyer, BS 69
Ruth L. DeGolyer
Mary Fish Barbara L. Ferry, AB 66
John William Ferry
Robert L. Ferry, BS 74
George L. Fuller Glenn L. Fuller
Maurice Gellman Jonathan S. Gellman
Rachel L. Gellman, BS 72
Howard H. Greene, Jr. Christopher T. Greene, MBA 74
Stephanie H. Greene, MBA 75
Henry R. Gundlach, Jr. Henry R. Gundlach, AB 72
Charles S. Henry Charles S. Henry, BS 74
Robert Holden David B. Holden, BS 77
Estem R. Lambert, Jr. Estem R. Lambert, III
Samuel K. McCune Helen C. McCune, BS 73
Andrew D. Miller Molly M. Miller, AB 74
Peter P. Miller Christina S. Miller, AB 73
Alastair Nixon Alexander W. Nixon, BS 73
Peter G. Nixon, BS 75
Virginia Oakes Margaret A. Tyler, BS 76
Suzanne P. Tyler, AB 71
E. Firth Perryman Christine W. Perryman, BS 72
Penelope B. Ferryman
Jean Hofstadter Reiss Edward B. Reiss, BS 69
Cecil Ruskay Ellen L. Schatz, AB 70
Robert F. Schatz, AB 73
Beatrice Swick Richard M. Ornitz, BS 67
Frederick F. Taussig Alice W. Taussig
Jane Taylor Martha G. Bobst, BS 74
Arnold Tofias Donald Tofias, AB 69
Allan W. Trimpi Allan H. Trimpi, AB 69
Raymond Van Sweringen, Jr. Raymond Van Sweringen, III, BS 73
William H. Van Sweringen, BS 74
Neil Wintringham Drew M. Wintringham
Two Cornell Generations - Two Cornell Parents
(The lone Class of ’44 parent is listed first - Where a woman is listed
in the left side column, the name shown is her maiden name)
Member of '44 Student
Mark W. Adams, Mary Jerome (Both '44s) Mark W. Adam, Jr, BS 68
Barbara A. Adams, BS 72
Ralph R. Adams, Doris King Ralph M. Adams
Adelaide Agnarelli, Albert Nadler Christopher J. Nadler, AB 76
Norman W. Allen, Gertrude Durfee Judith L. Allen, BS 68
George E. Allen, BS72
Henry G. Bates, Rozanne Hamilton Rebecca G. Bates, AB 71
Raymond C. Baxter, Martha Edson (Both '44s) Susan L. Baxter, BS 74
Eleanor Bloomfield, Walter Scholl Walter B. Scholl, BS 70
Norman H. Brandt, Barbara Bookstein Laurel H. Brandt, AB 72
Barbara Brittain, John B. Abbink Margery A. Abbink, AB 69
Laurie M. Brown, Judith Kobrin (Both '44s) Joanna L. Brown, AB 69
Fern Chase, Jesse D. Whitehurst Richard P. Whitehurst, AB 70
Elizabeth Child, C. Waldron Shonnard John W. Shonnard, AB 68
Robert T. Cochran, Alice Kincaid Thomas F. Cochran, AB 71
Fay W. Colvin, Mildred Horn (Both '44s) Gordon C. Colvin, BS 69
John T. Conner, Jean Carnell John T. Conner
Margaret E. Conner
Jeanne Copeland, Philip V. Johnson Pamela M. Johnson. BS 67
Ruth Comwell, Robert Dennis Timothy J. Dennis, DVM 68
Helen Corser, Roger W. Bentley Bradley W. Bentley, BS 67
Margaret Curtis, Frank A. Walkley Frank L. Walkley, II
Robt. Dillon, Marguerite Ruckle (Both '44s) Robert E. Dillon, II, BS72
Adrian Duncan, Lenore Kennedy Duncan William A. Duncan, AB71
Halsey A. Eldredge, Frances Pocus Charles J. Eldredge, BS 77
Edwin Fitchett Wayne E. Fitchett, BS 73
Alice Frisbie, Benedict A. Hall Alan L. Hall, BS 67
Marion Fear, Richard A. Heldt Henning Heldt, AB 68
Grace Forster, Fred A. Russ Fred B. Russ
Mary Fusselbaugh, Elmer N. Coye Thomas R. Coye, BS 70
Albert Goetze, Jr., Barbara Hendrickson Albert Goetze, III, BS 72
Morris Goodman, Lilian Goldman Philip Goodman, AB 76
Allan L. Goulding, Natalie Sundberg Christine D. Goulding, BS 70
John S. Grim, Nancy Harrington Steven J. Grim, 70
Elizabeth Haas, Townsend Keeler Ward W. Keeler, AB 70
Barbara Hall, Gerald N. Bowne Douglas H. Bowne, BS70
Heidi J. Bowne, BS 76
L. Sigrid Henley, George G. Holliday Lynne G. Holliday, BS 68
Kathryn L. Holliday, AB 69
Charles Hesselbach, Margaret Husson Bruce Hesselbach, BS70
Sigmund Hoffman, Serena Ginsburg David M. Hoffman, BS 76
Lena Hunt, Arthur F. Burdin Judith M. Burdin, BS 69
Carol J. Burdin, MS 70
Betty Jacobs, Lawrence Kalik Allen M. Kalik, AB 72
Alan W. Kaplan, Erna Fox Elisabeth E. Kaplan, AB 71
Eloise Kelly, Desmond Dolan William T. Dolan, AB73
Thomas J. Dolan, AB 74
Arthur Kesten, Dorothy Kay Kesten (Both ’44's) Dale Kesten, AB 72
Lynn Coakley, AB 74
Rita Krasnow, Samuel D. Lambert Roy D. Lambert, BS 68
Jeffery S. Lambert
Phyllis Lamb, Gene W. Hanson Andrew R. Hanson
Priscilla Landis, Lloyd Moulton Bethe Lee Moulton, AB 70
Bruce W. Moulton, AB 68, MBA 75
Robert A. Lopez, Marjorie Beha Thomas P. Lopez, BS 74
Fay McClelland, Phyllis Dittman Lane Irene McClelland, BS 70
Lewellyn S. Mix, Constance Avery Larry G. Mix, BS 77
Ann C. Moore, Earle Klosterman Peter S. Klosterman, AB70
Richard E. Klosterman, PhD 76
Celia Moskovitz, Julius M. Hastings Jerome B. Hastings, BS 70
Mary Pfeiffer, Ruard Vanderploeg Ruard Vanderploeg, Jr., AB 67
Robert A. Ready, Ann Grady Mary C. Ready, BS 74
Roscoe Rose, Nina Kuzmich Marc S. Rose
Clark R. Sanford, Irma Kapernick (Both '44s) Steven Sanford, BS 73
Morton J. Savada, Lila Perless (Both '44s) Elias Savada, AB 72
Morton Siegler, Carol Shapiro Meg A. Siegler, AB 75
Malcolm E. Sergeant, Lois Clutter Linda A. Sergeant
Eunice L. Shepard, Lyle George Barnes Debra A. Bames
Elaine Smith, Elliott Feiden Peter A. Feiden, AB 75
James H. Starr, Janet Elwin James H. Starr, Jr., BS 69
Marvin Steinberg, Renee Wolf (Both ’44s) Phyllis B. Steinberg, BS 67
Donald F.Stevenson, Marjory Mordoff (Both '44s) Richard J. Stevenson, AB 71
John R. Thompson, Jeanne Krause Leigh K. Thompson
Ralph W. Tuthill, Jr., Frances Andersen Ralph W. Tuthill, III, BS, 74
Blanton C. Wiggin, Erma Nightingale Russsell W. Wiggin
Gerald 0. Young, Elizabeth J. Nisbet Stuart E. Young, BS 71
Two Cornell Generations - One Cornell Parent
(The lone Class of ’44 parent is listed - Where a woman is listed
in the left hand column, her name shown is her maiden name)
Member of '44 Student
Allen J. Albright Stephen B. Albright, BS 69
Richard A. Albright, BS 70
David W. Albright, BS 76
Charles J. Alexander Loren E. Alexander, BS 74
Richard M. Alexander Adrienne N. Alexander
Jack R. Anderson John B. Anderson, BS 67, MS69
Benjamin L. Anderson, AB 69
Charles H. Arrington, Jr. Charles H. Arrington, III
Marco A. Baeza Mario Leon, AB 71
Frederick N. Bailey Bruce F. Bailey
Brian K. Bailey, BS 73
A. Landon Baker, Jr. Alfred L. Baker, III, BS 70
Russell L. Baltz William M. Baltz, BS 67
Joseph Bambara Michael J. Bambara
Gerald S. Barad Richard M. Barad
Robert B. Beede James L. Beede
Douglas F. Bellinger Robert G. Bellinger, DVM 71
Earle C. Blakeman Jean B. Blakeman, AB 76
Josephine Borland Sarah H. Elder, AB 73
William W. Elder, 75
Roland T. Bryan Carroll L. Bryan, II, BS 70
Randolph C. Bryan, BS 72
Rosanne Buckenmaier Valerie C. Guinan, AB 74
William L. Calvert David W. Calvert, AB 71
Samuel J. Caudill Jody B. Caudill
Lucile Frech Martha F. Coultrap, AB 71
Leland R. Crawford, Jr. Mary Jo Crawford, BS 77
Leo Diamant Lisa J. Diamant, BS 76
Robert H. Dickson Christina E. Dickson, AB 72
Lawrence E. Diver Lawrence E. Diver, Jr., BS 73
Gerald I. Estelle Stephen G. Estelle
Howard E. Evans Edward A. Evans, BS 74
Gail E. Evans, BS 77
Joseph File Joseph C. File, BS 67
Betty Flah David M. Granatstein
Hubert A. Gerstman Daniel M. Gerstman
Leonard Goland Jay H. Goland
Nancy Green Edward Stratton, Jr., B.S. 80
Jane Stratton Talbot, B.S. 84
Clyde M. Haller Barbara L. Haller, AB 75
Carl G. Hayssen, Jr. Carl G. Hayssen, III, BS 74
Oliver H. Hewitt Virginia H. Hewitt
Melvin L. Hirsch Jonathan H. Hirsch, 77
Charles C. Huey Sharon M. Huey, BS 70
Patrick C. Huey, BS 73
Alexander P. Hutchinson Alexander Hutchinson, MBA 79
Marvin L. Huyck Christopher J. Huyck, AB 73
Saul H. Janowitz Gail N. Janowitz, AB 74
David W.Johnson Thomas B. Johnson
Julius G. Kayser Karl E. Kayser, BS 72
Kurt C. Kayser, BS 74
Edward W. King Leslie A. King
Robert J. Kinner Ann K. Rossiter
Morris Klein Philip I. Klein, 77
F.V. Kosikowski Frances A. Kosikowski, AB 68
Robert F. Laird Susan S. Laird, PhD 79
Virginia Larson Louise V. Friend
Richard W. Lawton Anne L. Lawton, AB 71
Doris Lehmann Ann L. Rothermich, BS 74
Hilda Lozner Donn R. Milton, AB 71
Rex A. Malmberg Rex A. Malmberg, Jr.
Ann Masker Barbara C. Schell
John Matrone Susan K. Matrone, BS 75
William F. Minnock, Jr. Edmund R. Minnock, BS 77
Ludvig Molvig Kim Molvig, BS 70
Franklin K. Moore, Jr. Cathy L. Moore, AB 73
Susan D. Moore, AB 77
Luis A. Nazario Carlos 0. Nazario
Beatrice Noback Mary E. Robbins, BS 75
Robert V. Noble Amy J. Noble
Nathan A. Norman Eric Norman, AB 72
Jeannette Pelletier Andrea Volckmar, AB 71
Kathleen Pierce Elizabeth J. Bonsteel, BS 69
David B. Porter Anne B. Porter, BS 73
Charles W. Pressler Thomas E. Pressler, BS 70
Richard W. Pressler, AB 74
James A. Purdy James A. Purdy, Jr.
Edgar M. Reilly Thomas E. Reilly, AB 67, JD75
Alfred Richley Timothy P. Richley, BS 77
Henderson G. Riggs Barbara S. Riggs, AB 75
Joan Roche Theodore Dixon
Edward C. Sargent David C. Sargent, AB 73
Robert L. Schiffman James R. Schiffman, AB 71
William H. Schlegal William H. Schlegal, Jr.
Stanley Schneider Lynne Schneider, AB 78
Arthur Schwartz Harvey B. Schwartz , AB 70
John D. Sheehey Paul L. Sheehey
Mildred Austin Silliman Carol L. Stiles, BS 68
Jeanne Slaughter Jeffery S. Davis, 67
Bernard C. Smith Bernard C. Smith, Jr., 72
Terry R. Smith, BS 75
L. William Spear Jeffrey N. Spear, AB 71
Donald Tillou Guy J. Tillou, AB 72
Marion Traugott Kathryn J. Zuelzer, AB 71
Myron E. Ullman, Jr. Curtis A. Ullman, AB 74
Roger Warner, Jr. Daniel W. Holmgren, BS 70
Durland Weale Peter R. Weale, BS 72
Charles Weiss Andrew P. Weiss, AB 71
William S. Wheeler Steven M. Wheeler, JD 74
Carl Yunker Craig Yunker, BS 72
Anthony T. Zambito Charles N. Zambito, AB 74
Maurice J. Zubkoff Gerald N. Zubkoff, AB 75
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