For the Millers . . a long run!

     Not every child desires to attend the college or university of his parent . . and in many cases, a potential "legacy" who’d like to attend his or her parent’s Alma Mater is often overlooked in the admissions process for one reason or another . . but one thing is undeniable: there is an intense feeling of parental pride when one of your own chooses Cornell, is accepted, and one day. In cap and gown, he or she receives a well-earned diploma with parents - and possibly grandparents - in attendance at the graduation ceremonies.

     With the help of the Alumni Office, your Webmaster has obtained a reasonably accurate list of all of the grandchildren of ’44's who have obtained Cornell degrees and this list appears just below. It is by no means the be-all and end-all . . We’re certain many ’44 offspring have been missed and if you have knowledge of any unlisted "legacies," we encourage you to forward any and all additions through the Changes section of this Website.

     Why was I chosen to byline this web page? . . I happen to be one of several ’44's who can point - with great pride - to some four generations of Cornellians within his family . . Great-grandfather, grandfather, parent, and legacy . . It wasn’t my idea, but the Webmaster insisted that I provide a photograph of each of the Miller Cornellians by generation and you’ll find our family likenesses atop the listings below . . It truly has been a long run.

     This particular listing is devoted to those ’44's whose grandchildren have obtained - or who are in the process of obtaining - Cornell degrees . . On-campus research is underway and later ’44 web pages will also list those ’44 classmates of ours who have had second generation children on campus. Again, we turn to you to augment this research by simply forwarding a note to this Website through Changes..

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Peter P. Miller, Jr
, Cornell Fund Representative
Four Cornell Generations
Great-Grandparent(s) Great-Grandchild
*William Gorton Taylor, 07 (Great-Grandfather) Aislinn Cook, 03
   *Jane Taylor Bobst, 44 (Grandmother) Jonathan Furie, 05
    Richard A. Furie, Dr. 74 (Parent) Daniel Furie
   Martha Bobst Furie (Parent) Entered in 2004
*Thomas F. Cochran ‘19 (Great-Grandfather) Thomas C. Richards, 00
   Robert T. Cochran, II ‘44 (Grandfather)  
   *Alice Kincaid) Cochran ‘43 (Grandmother)
   Robert C. Richards ‘69 (Parent)
   Jane (Cochran) Templeton ‘68 (Parent)
*Charles L. Durham, ‘99 (Great-Grandfather) Jaime Durham, 05
   George Durham, ‘44 (Grandfather)
   Shirley (Dusinberre) Durham (Grandmother)
   William B. Durham, ‘69 (Parent)
*David M. Jenkins ‘17 (Great-Grandfather) Joanna K. Krablin, 00
   DuBois L. Jenkins ‘43 (Grandfather)
   Doris (Holmes) Jenkins ‘44 (Grandmother)
   G. Laurence Krablin ‘69 (Parent)
   Nancy (Jenkins) Krablin ‘69 (Parent)
*Clifford H. Keller ‘15 (Great-Grandfather) Kinsey Keller
   Taylor H. Keller ‘44 (Grandfather) Entered in 1999
   Sally C. Brumley ‘73 (Parent)
*Albert A. Ward ‘13 (Great-Grandfather) Claire J. Kimple, 99
   Burl A. Kimple ‘44 (Grandfather)
   Frances (Ward) Kimple ‘44 (Grandmother)
   John M. Kimple ‘70 (Parent)
*Peter P. Miller ‘18 (Great-Grandfather) Anne Sargent, 03
   Sara (Speer) Miller ‘21 (Great-Grandmother)
   Peter P. Miller, Jr. ‘44 (Grandfather)
   *Edward Sargent ‘44 (Grandfather)
   David C. Sargent ‘73 (Parent)
   Christina (Miller) Sargent ‘73 (Parent)
Nathan A. Schatz, 15 (Great-Grandfather) Jeffrey W. Schatz
   S. Michael Schatz, 41 (Grandfather) Entered in 2004
   Norma Hirshon Schatz, 44 (Grandmother)
   Andrew Schatz, 73 (Parent)
*David B. Tolins, ‘10 (Great-Grandsfather) Samuel Coffin, 05
   Peter S. Tolins, Dr., ‘44 (Grandfather)
Evan C. Williams ‘29 (Great-Grandfather) Evan S Williams, III, 93
   Evan S. Williams ‘43 (Grandfather)
   Ada (Eadie) Williams ‘44 (Grandmother)
   Evans S. Williams, Jr. ‘66 (Parent)
   Linda (Miller) Evans ‘66 (Parent)
Three Cornell Generations
Great-Grandparent(s) Great-Grandchild
*James W. Andrews ‘19 (Great-Grandfather) Brian Turner, 94
   Curtis L. Andrews ‘44 (Grandfather)
*George P. Wakeley ‘12 (Great-Grandfather) Ellen M. Johnston, 93
   George W. Wakeley ‘44 (Grandfather)
Three Cornell Generations
Grandparent(s) Grandchildren
Barbara (Brittain) Abbink ‘44 Emily B. Read, 01
John B. Abbink ‘43
Donald B. Read ‘33 (Grandparent)
   Richard B. Read ‘68 (Parent)
   Margery (Abbink) Read ‘69 (Parent)
Allen J. Albright, ‘44 Bradley Albright, 05
   David Albright, ‘76 (Parent)
Norman W. Allen ‘44 Cynthia I. Moore, 99
Gertrude (Durfee) Allen ‘45
   Joseph B. Moore ‘68 (Parent)
   Judith (Allen) Moore ‘68 (Parent)
Norman W. Allen ‘44 Ross Allen, 03
Gertrude (Durfee) Yunker ‘45
   George E. Allen ‘72 (Parent)
Russell L. Baltz ‘44 Deborah Bentley, 94
Helen (Corser) Baltz ‘44
   Bradley Bentley ‘67 (Parent)
Henry G. Bates ‘44 Robert F. Dickinson, 02
*Rozanne (Hamilton) Bates ‘44
   William H. Dickinson ‘71 (Parent)
   Rebecca (Bates) Dickinson ‘71 (Parent)
William Batiuchok ‘44 Daniel Batiuchok, 97
   John R. Batiuchok ‘73 (Parent)
D. Everett Bliss ‘44 Seth Bliss, 04
   David H. Bliss ‘66 (Parent)
Norman H. Brandt, ‘44 Harrison Leavens, 04
Barbara (Bookstein) Brandt, ‘45
   Laurel Brandt, ‘72 (Parent)
Roland T. Bryan ‘44 Gregory L. Bryan, 96
   Carroll L. Bryan, II ‘70 (Parent)
   Susan (Mower) Bryan ‘70 (Parent)
Arthur F. Burdin ‘38 Bolanle Asuni, 98
Lena (Hunt) Burdin ‘44
   Judith (Burdin) Asuni ‘69 (Parent)
John T. Conner, Sr. ‘44 Kristen M. Conner, 01
Jean (Carnell) Conner ‘46
   John T. Conner, Jr ‘72
Lawrence E. Diver, Sr. ‘44 Carey L. Diver, 98
   Lawrence Diver, Jr. ‘73 (Parent)
Lawrence E. Diver, Sr. ‘44 Karl Diver, NL
   Lawrence E. Diver Jr. ‘73 (Parent) Entered in 1999
*David Baxter Fales ‘44 Walter Fales, 04
*Stella (Gould) Fales ‘36
   William A. Fales ‘63 (Parent)
Mary Fish Ferry ‘44 Heather Ferry de Mare, NL
   Barbara Ferry de Mare ‘66 (Parent) Entered in 1991
Mary Fish Ferry ‘44 Sandra L. Ferry, 99
   Phillips M. Ferry, Jr. ‘71 (Parent)
Joseph File ‘44 Charlie F. File, 04
   Joseph C. File ‘67 (Parent)
   Karen (Novick) File ‘69 (Parent)
Edwin E. Fitchett ‘44 Colleen A. Fitchett, 00
Bernice (Henry) Fitchett ‘43
   Gary W. Fitchett ‘72 (Parent)
Samuel Garmezy, 13 (Grandfather) Lorena M. Garmezy, 86
   Robert H. Garmezy, 44 (Parent) Carrie Garmezy Hrousis, 92
George H. Getman, 44 (Grandfather) G. Stephen Getman, 74
   Hazel Ross Getman, ’44 (Grandmother) Sarah Getman Steele, 76
Ross E. Getman, 81
Anne Marie Getman, 88
Marvin L. Huyck ‘44 Justin C. Huyck, 01
   Christopher J. Huyck ‘73 (Parent)
Arthur H. Kesten, 44 (Grandfather) Lauren C. Coakley, 04
   Dorothy Kay Kesten, 44 (Grandmother) Shannon C. Coakley
   Lynn Kesten Coakley, 74 (Parent) Entered in 2003
Edith (Kelsey) Lewis ‘44 Jesseca Lewis, 97
Norman F. Lewis ‘43
   Allen R. Lewis ‘69 (Parent)
   Laurie (Irvine) Lewis ‘68 (Parent)
*Donald F. Meister ‘44 Autumn Meister, 03
Marcia (Colby) Meister ‘42
Hilda Lozner Milton ‘44 Landrey Milton, 03
   Donn R. Milton ‘71 (Parent)
Nathan Allen Norman ‘44 Michael Norman, 03
   Eric Norman ‘72 (Parent)
*Henderson G. Riggs ‘44 Sara H. Van Wie, 02
   Katharine (Riggs) Van Wie ‘68 (Parent)
*Robert Schiffman, ‘44 Jessica Schiffman, 05
   James Schiffman, ‘71
Eleanor (Bloomfield) Scholl ‘44 Heather R. Scholl, 01
   *Walter A. Scholl ‘41
   Walter Brooks Scholl ‘70 (Parent)
L. William Spear ‘44 Daniel Spear, 03
   Jeffery N. Spear ‘71
*Marvin I. Steinberg ‘44 Rebecca Wilson Chesman, 93
Renee (Wolf) Steinberg ‘44
   Joseph P. Chesman ‘66 (Parent)
   Phyllis Steinberg Wilson ‘67 (Parent)
Donald A. Tillou, 44 (Grandfather) Regan Tillou, 03
   Guy J. Tillou, 72 (Parent) Brett T. Tillou, 04
Arnold B. Tofias ‘44 Michael W. Tofias, 00
*Evelyn (Diamond) Tofias ‘47
   Joseph A. Weinberger ‘42 (Grandparent)
   Edith (Newman) Weinberger ‘43 (Grandparent)
   Donald Tofias ‘69 (Parent)
Arnold B. Tofias ‘44 Alissa Tofias, 03
*Evelyn (Diamond) Tofias ‘47
   Joseph A. Weinberger ‘42 (Grandparent)
   Edith (Newman) Weinberger ‘43 (Grandparent)
   Donald Tofias ‘69 (Parent)
Jeannette Pelletier Volckmar ’44 Andrew M. Thomas, 03
   David R. Thomas ‘71 (Parent)
   Andrea (Volckmar) Thomas ‘71 (Parent)
*Clayton S. Young, ‘44 Peter Young, 95
   Charles J. Young ‘69 (Parent)
*Clayton S. Young ‘44 Benjamin Young, 96
   Charles J. Young ‘69 (Parent)
*David H. Young ‘44 Emily J. Barton, 00
John T. Barton ‘37
   George P. Barton ‘68 (Parent)
Gerald O. Young ‘44 Zachary Young, 04
*Elizabeth (Nisbet) Young ‘41
   Stuart E. Young ‘71 (Parent)
Carl Yunker ‘44 Cyrus A. Yunker, 01
   Craig Yunker ‘72 (Parent)
Carl Yunker ‘44 Christian O. Yunker
   Craig Yunker, ‘72 (Parent) Entered in 1998
Carl Yunker, ‘44 Katherine Yunker, 05
   Craig Yunker, ‘72
Two Cornell Generations
Grandparent(s) Grandchild
Edward H. Carman, 44  (Grandfather) Edward H. Carman, IV, 70
       Cecily Bishop Carman, 46 (Grandmother) James S, Carman, 75
Henry G. Bates, ‘44 Anne Crum, 96
*Rozanne (Hamilton) Bates, ‘44
Raymond C. Baxter, ‘44 Wendy Baxter, 02
Martha (Edson) Baxter, ‘44
Helen Corser Bentley, ‘44 Deborah Bentley, 94
*Norman H. Bragar, ‘44 Michael Meacham, 04
Paul C. Buck, ‘44 Luke Terlaak Poot, NL
Adelaide Rowe Catlin, ‘44 Anne Catlin, 95
Olga (Senuk) Diamond, ‘44 Garth Priber, 03
Marilyn (Wise) Douglass, ‘44 Patrick Douglass, 02
George H. Getman, 44 (Grandfather) G. Stephen Getman, 74
       Hazel Ross Getman, 44 (Grandmother) Sarah Getman Steele, 76
  Ross E. Getman, 81
  Anne Marie Getman, 88
Jean Shaver Hansen, ‘44 Christianne Rich, 95
Lindsey Rich, 97
Phyllis (Lamb) Hanson, ‘44 Charlotte Hanson, NL
Walter Hooper, Jr. ‘44 Jacob Buxton, 94
Priscilla (Fulton) Jung, ‘44 Hilary J. Vrem, 01
John D. Lesure, ‘44 Jean Lesure, 04
Joseph C. Logue, ‘44 Patrick Logue, 03
Jeanne (Neubecker) Logue, ‘44
Lois (Leeds) Marcello, ‘44 Cara Haney, 03
Philip R. McGinnis, ‘44 Sean Burke, 05
Hilda (Lozner) Milton, ‘44  
James R. Olin , ‘44 Marc Olin, Entered in 1995
Phyllis (Avery) Olin, ‘45
James R. Olin, ‘44 Julia Milliken, Entered in 1999
Phyllis (Avery) Olin, ‘45
Robert S. Rochford, ‘44 Melissa Rochford, Entered in 1991
Karl Schmeidler, ‘44 Meghan MacConkey, NL
Jesse G. Silverman, Jr. Adam D. Sloyer, 01
Jamie Sloyer, 05
Charles L. Van Arsdale (Grandfather) Kate Dewey,  01
Emily Dodd Warren, ‘44 Kathrynne Teeter, 98
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