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     "Links" are just that .. Key in a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) on the internet and you'll find yourself connected quickly to whatever company (.com), agency (.gov), or college or university (.edu) you seek and there's much, much more than these three available to you.  There are URL's for the military (.mil), networks (.net), organizations (.org), states (.ca), and countries (.uk), and many other new domain categories are now in the planning stage.

     In addition to keying in URLs, many web-sites (including Cornell ones) contain links to other sites embodied within their texts.  These are single words, phrases, or buttons that are differentiated by a different color or underlining.  The key determinant is that when the cursor is placed over them, the cursor turns into a pointing finger.  Clicking the "back" arrow in the upper left corner of the browser returns you to your previous location.

     Need to research a specific subject?  There's and a host of similar "aids" that will provide you with the research information you seek.  One of my favorites is where I can search for the reason - and the remedy - for almost any ailment or pain I might experience.

     Let's put it this way ... there's absolutely no limit to the amount of information on the web that's available to you - you only have to determine and then key in the appropriate URL.

     For space reasons, we're forced to limit our '44 website links to those directly concerned with Cornell University and the general Ithaca, NY area - you'll find the most heavily-used URLs below.  Please understand that this is not a be-all and end-all list.  We welcome your suggestions regarding additions to this Cornell-Ithaca listing of URL's.

Bill Zieman
, VP, New England Region
’44 Website Welcome
’44 Home Page
’44 Webmaster (Art Kesten)
’44 Website Programmer (Keith Kubarek)
’44 Webmaster at CU (Adam P. Palcich)
’44 Class Column Info (Nancy Rundell)
’44 Class Contact at CU (Susan H. Doney)
CU Home Page
CU Alumni Page
Academic Calendar
Alumni Affairs Services
Alumni Federation
Alumni Organizations Individual links from
(See “Organizations” heading at the top of the page)
Big Red Sports
Campus Store
Cornell Adult University
Cornell Alumni Magazine
Cornell Ass'n of Class Officers
Cornell Classes
(Select 1944 in “Visit Class Websites”)
Cornell Clubs
Cornell Colleges, Schools
Cornell Council
Cornell Cyber Tower
Cornell Daily Sun
Cornell Directory
Cornell Fund
Cornell Library
Cornell Maps, Parking
Cornell Trustees
Find Cornell Alumni
Free E-Mail Forwarding
Ithaca Hotels-Restaurants
Medical College (NYC)
Updating CU address info
Updating ’44 info  (All Password-Protected)
(Residence, Snowbird, E-Mailbox changes)
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