Out in front!

     You'll find that every type of non-profit organization is invariably supported by the contributions it receives from those who wish to further its programs and goals . . The donors who support these programs clearly impact on the organization, be it a community theater, a county-wide highway cleanup campaign, or - in our case - an institution as large and diverse as our university.

     Cornell alumni - and in particular, your classmates - have consistently supported the University by donating their time and money, and, where needed, their talent. Their contributions have provided a good part of the resources needed for several of our academic programs, new and improved campus-wide facilities, and many individual scholarships.

James A. Clark
Woods Hole, MA
Robert E. Gallagher
Winnetka, IL
Anthony Misciagna
Altoona, PA
Gaston R. Desnoyers
Old Forge, NY
Charles E. Sigety
Pipersville, PA

     As you might expect, a small number of donors stepped to the forefront in each of these periodic drives and made very large individual contributions. The specific amount of their donations will remain a private matter - what is important is that their support was substantial and assured the success of several of the major fundraising efforts of the Class of '44..

     As your Class of 1944 Cornell Fund Representative during '89-'94, I had the pleasure of coordinating with several of these classmates on their 50 Year Reunion Class contribution to the University - they're unquestionably our "Major Donors" and we cite them here for they were truly "out in front!"

Jerry Tohn
, Cornell Fund Representative
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