Working the phones!

    I’d hazard a guess that very, very few of you like to fund-raise, i.e., ask others for money . . It’s one thing to contribute; it’s quite another to be on the "asking" end of a phone con-versation. While you might go along with dinging your neighbors with Muscular Dystrophy envelopes or ringing doorbells during a drive for local Little League uniforms, the fact remains that for the most part, most of us shy away from being a principal in any major fund-raising effort.

    That’s why it’s all the more surpri-sing when a fellow classmate jumps in and leads ’44 in an all-out Cornell Fund Drive. These are rare individuals and our Class has six of them who stand above the best.

    Early on, we had "Skip" Paul and Hilda Milton spark ’44's efforts; then it was Jerry Tohn’s turn to lead us up to and including 50 Year Reunion time.

    A trio of ‘44 graduates of the John-son School assumed the Cornell Fund Representative roles for ’44 in ’95 - They were Peter Miller, Jerry Levitan, and Howard "Skip" Greene, the latter recently deceased.

    Come late ‘03-early ‘04 you can expect that your phone will be rung as Peter and Jerry ask you for your support. They’re doing their job! Prove me wrong and volunteer to help them.

Tony Misciagna,

Jerome Levitan
New York, NY

Peter P. Miller, Jr.
West Chester, PA

Hilda Lozner Milton
Manhasset, NY

Gerald E. Tohn
Larchmont, NY

Howard H. Greene, Jr.

Francis G. Paul

Henry Glos Bates

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