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There are 16 possible "influences" listed above

     None of them influenced you, you say? . . That’s difficult to believe. When all of us were in our late teens or early 20's - and were off by ourselves and living in an entirely new environment - there had to be "influences." While you may not agree entirely with our choices that appear above, we offer them as possible incidents - or persons - who might very well have been substantial "influences" on your young life at that time. We strongly believe that - even unknowingly - any one or more of them may have made a small impact on you.

     True . . some are tongue in cheek, but most - like the beauty of the total Cornell scene with its many quadrangles and its beautiful gorges and waterfalls, and the much discussed "change of seasons" far above Cayuga’s waters - they were all for real! I lived with them and so did you . . And there were other things . . Didn’t the Dutch Kitchen appeal to you? Or a late night munch at Louie’s? Or didn’t those many hours spent in the Library’s "cubicles" play a big role in your student days? . .

     One classmate said to me, "My first two prelims . . a 52 and a D+ . . Those are what influenced me!" Didn’t you also find that after being a hot shot high school senior that when you came to Cornell that shortly after you busted your first two or three exams that the faculty had succeeded in putting the "fear of God" into your Beanie days?

     Here, with our 16 arbitrarily selected photographs, we attempt to have you recall those days and to perhaps pin down those one or two faculty members, or sites, or campus activities that were of some influence in moving you along in the right direction in the ’40's.. Perhaps none of these helped to do this, but I kid you not: Though you may not think so, Cornell influenced you!

James M. Clark
, VP, New England Region
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