See your Memorial Room in a panoramic view!

    When you click on the door handle to your Memorial Room below you will enter a virtual panorama.  This panorama will open in a new window and you can exit at any time by closing the window.

     When the new window opens please be patient it will take a little while to completely load the panorama.  Once it has loaded you will be able to "move around" the room using your mouse and the controls at the bottom of the panorama as follows:

  1. If you place your cursor inside the panorama and click and hold and drag to the left or right, the panorama will rotate to the left or right.  Likewise, drag the cursor up or down to move your view up or down. The further you drag your cursor the faster the panorama will rotate, so go slowly at first!

  2. If you see something you would like to take a closer look at, simply press the "+" sign at the bottom of the panorama and you will "zoom-in" to the photo!  You can then press the "-" sign at the bottom of the panorama to zoom back out.


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