Citations and Plaques

        A good many citations and plaques are hung in the Class of 1944 Memorial Room - primarily the citation to President Frank Rhodes described below and the many memorial plaques and photographs honoring our deceased classmates. The latter includes the large 2-foot by 3-foot bronze plaque engraved with the names of our 31 classmates who gave their lives in the service of their country during World War II.

       The Class of 1944 Memorial Room also displays photographs of many of the Class officers, '44 Hall of Fame athletes, fundraisers, and other classmates who have passed away. In a sense then, it is a room that perpetuates the memory of all members of the class.

In concert, this fifth day of November, nineteen hundred and ninety four, the 54 officers of the World War II decimated but still dynamic Class of '44 do make this unanimous

       NOTE: The above is the banner of the document presented by the Class of 1944 to President Frank Rhodes in January, 1995, following his retirement in the previous year. The full text of the citation may be found in the ’44 website at "One of a Kind” in the Flashbacks section."

The several Memorial Plaques

       Located on the west wall of the Class of 1944 Memorial Room, the large bronze plaque shown below honors our classmates who died in World War II, It is mounted adjacent to the room’s entry and sign-in rostrum, and is visible to all as they enter and depart the room. A smaller engraved bronze plaque honors the memory of J. Joseph ("Joe”) Driscoll, a four-decade Class leader.

       Individual photographs of the following deceased '44's honor these Class officers, Hall of Fame athletes, fundraisers, and University leaders. Found mounted on the room’s north and south walls are individual photographs of:

Edward J. Ahrens
Meredith R. Cushing
J. Joseph Driscoll, Jr.
Edward D. Eddy
Walter B. Gerould
Howard H. Greene, Jr.
Charles H. Hoens, Jr.
Jerome J. Hoffman
Jack H. McMinn
Frederick V. McNair, III
Hilda Lozner Milton
Francis G. Paul
Samuel R. Pierce, Jr.
Robert L. Schmidt
James H. Starr
William G. Whitney
Blanton C. Wiggin
David H. Young
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