Early Room Usage

     Before the Class endowed the Class of 1944 Memorial Room, it was not named as such nor did it seem to have a specific "single" purpose in the Athletic Department’s overall view of things. While the Class saw fit to honor its World War II deceased, it did so initially by hanging a framed poster in the entry hallway of Hollister Hall (top left photo).

     This location was adjacent to '44's Memorial Corner outside of Hollister on Campus Road. It wasn’t until some years later with room endowment - that '44 provided a 2-ft. x 3-ft. bronze plaque bearing the names of our 31 classmates who were killed in WWII and hung this plaque in the "Memorial Room."

     In its early years, the "room" was used by the Athletic Department for a wide variety of purposes - some were organizational (top right photo) wherein a staffer is shown and the room seems to be set up to conduct interviews. The room was also used on occasion for academic purposes (bottom left photo). In this usage, instructors are shown providing CPR training to both staffers and students.

     In the mid-'90's those '44 members attending the University’s annual Homecoming Weekend activities adjourned postgame to the bare bones room (bottom right photo) where they enjoyed cheese and crackers, a few dips, lots of apples, and wine, cider, and coffee. Bare bones? Yes, we sat on metal camp chairs and used folding picnic tables during these early "orgies."


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