The Glory

More than 80 group and
individual photographs of
'44's in uniform hang in
the Memorial Room

        The 1940-1945 years were "glory years" indeed for the men and women of '44 and your classmates participation in the total World War II effort is recognized throughout the displays in the Class of 1944 Memorial Room.

This is done in a variety of ways: group photographs of Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Corps enlistees are shown marching as units on campus or later in active duty unit photos . . In addition, the photographs of some 50+ individual Class officers wearing their respective service uniforms are displayed in two 20-foot storyboards found on the north and south walls of the room.

These same storyboards also provide Memorial Room visitors with a 1941-1945 overview of the major events that took place during WWII . . Front page headlines from several major newspapers (the NY Times and the NY Daily News) tell the story from Pearl Harbor day to both VE and VJ days. (This being read by those born long after this war, VE translates out as "Victory in Europe Day" and VJ for the subsequent "Victory in Japan Day.")

Several of the major actions taken by the University during the same 1940-1945 period are also covered on these same storyboards by the inclusion of front pages taken from the Cornell Daily Sun. It was an exciting, ever-changing period in which to be a young man or a young woman . . Each of us and ’44 met the challenge during the Glory Years.


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