("And we did Hong Kong and the Great Wall, too!" cites Harold Parker)

All decked out on the second of their three "formal" nights aboard the Sky
Princess, 44 very young seniors pose for their April 13, 2000 photograph.

Seated left to right are Jeanne Thoren, Mac Mahone, Hilda Milton, Libby Marinelli, Ruth Rhynedance, Dotty Kesten, Jean Williams, Helen Levitan, Arlene Parsons, Gloria Bellis, Judy Brockmyer, Ann Brown, Jan Scott, and Bobby Gallant. MIDDLE ROW standing: Harold and June Parker, Hal and Ginny Wood, Ted Thoren, Bob Williams, Tomoko Geib, Sherrill Capi, Ruth-Ann Mendel, Dot Kreiger, Shirley Taylor, Jerry Tohn, Pete Bellis, Arlyne Shockman, Bunny DeGolyer, Vera Moore, Dorey Jenkins, and Art Kesten. REAR ROW standing: Russ Geib, Hal Rhynedance, Andy Capi, Jerry Levitan, Stan Taylor, Izzy Mendel, Hank Bates, Deedy Tohn, "Jenks" Jenkins, Bill Brown, Cal DeGolyer, and Howard Moore.

"Go west, young man - and west we went!"

     This particular "page" in our Class of 1944 website has been a long time in coming. Your webmaster has been working through the list of yet-to-be-done pages and the Orient Cruise of CLUB 44 finally made it to the top of his Out Box.

     Whether you were one of the 47-odd classmates and friends who took part in this cruise-tour OR have been to some part of the Orient OR have never been to any of the ports or countries we visited, I think you’ll enjoy viewing this website "page" with its many sights and scenes . . Even Kathleen Rudd, our CLUB 44 travel agent, enjoyed viewing the cruise-tour as shown in the "page."

     Why do I keep using quotes on "page"? . . It’s NOT a single page!  It’s 68 individual pages! And . . by exact count, ORIENT has 257 separately captioned photos of places and people.

     So take the cruise with us! . . Enjoy it as much as we did!

Harold C. Parker, AB 47, JD 50
Vice President, Upstate New York