< 1 > Opening the Website

Q. I can’t seem to bring up the opening page, the Ding-a-Ling as you refer to it. How do I get into the ’44 website?
          A. Key in: http://cuclassof44.org/home.html . . . Using this URL (Uniform Resource Locator) will bypass the Ding-a-Ling and should open the "Home Page" for you.

< 2 > Making Changes

Q. How do I change my address (or e-mail name, etc.)?
          A. On any of the pages, including the HOME PAGE, (1) click on CHANGES, the black tile appearing in the top row of the Navigation Bar . .
          (2) When the CHANGES page appears, click on the red (or same) CHANGES tile that appears on that page’s Navigation Bar . .
          (4) Click on OK in the box that appears on screen OR just hit the ENTER key on your keyboard . .
          (5) Click OK in the Password Verification Box that appears . .
          (6) The several forms available for use will appear in 4-6 seconds . . Enter the required Personal Data appearing in the first form, and then scroll down to the form that you wish to use.
          (7) After completing entry, click on "Submit to Webmaster.

< 3 > Effective date of any change that’s made

Q. If I submit a change to the website, when can I expect to see the change made on screen?
          A. As a ’44 duespayer, please understand that any change you may make through this Website in your mailing address or e-mail data is applied within a week to your basic ’44 class records maintained at the Westport ’44 home office, the University, and the Alumni Magazine, if you are a subscriber to the publication.
          The same change information is applied to the CLASS ROSTER page (and E-MAILBOX page, if you are listed on said page) but . . the actual Website pages of both are only updated each January 1, May 1, and September 1. This is the most "up-to-date listing" service that we hope to provide.

< 4 > Submitting personal news for publication

Q. As a ’44 duespayer, I have a personal item for publication in the ’44 column in the "Cornell Alumni News." How do I go about submitting it?
          A. Use the same process outlined in <3> above. Scroll down to the form for use in submitting items for publication, type out your information - no limit on its length, and click on "Submit to Webmaster." There’s no envelope to use - no postage to spend!

< 5 > Forwarding ’44 Website suggestions, comments, critiques

Q. As a ’44 duespayer, I’d like to suggest an additional Website feature (make a comment about an existing feature) (request a corrective change be made). How do I do it?
          A. Use the same process outlined in <3> and then scroll down to the form that solicits your suggestion, comment, or critique. Type out your input - no limit on its length, and click on "Submit to Webmaster," and that’s it . . Please understand that there’s no guarantee that we’ll act on your suggestion, comment, or critique, but it’s always nice to hear from you . . . Only kidding.

< 6 > Switching from page to page

Q. How do I quickly switch from page to page and what’s the length of time I must wait for the NEW page to appear on screen?
          A. That’s really two questions . . The Navigation Bar at the top of EACH page has drop-down tiles that will link you to any "active" page ("Active" pages are shown by the > symbol to the left of the page’s title) . . Clicking on the drop-down tile of the page that you seek should normally bring that page on screen in 4-6 seconds using most browsers . . If the page doesn’t come on after six seconds, be patient . . You might have a slow modem. . Give it a chance . .

< 7 > Going directly to a Website specific page time after time

Q. I correspond with many of my classmates by snail mail and would like to go directly to the CLASS ROSTER page quickly to get an address confirmation. How can I do this?
          A. Each of our website pages carries its own URL and this URL should appear at the top left of the computer once you have the CLASS ROSTER page up on your screen . . As an example, the URL that you would see for this page would be: http://cuclassof44.org/class-roster.html .. If you’re familiar with setting up FAVORITES under your www page, add CLASS ROSTER to your list of "Favorites" and then ding on it whenever you wish to bring it on screen.

< 8 > Non-duespaying ’44's members? Are they aboard?

Q. The two of us have a classmate who I know is not active in the class. How does he go about accessing our website and possibly joining the class as a duespayer?
          A. Again, two questions . . The FULL ’44 Website is available to this Cornellian - and all Cornellians - by simply accessing http://cuclassof44.org -- The "secure" Password-protected E-MAILBOX page is only available to those ‘44's using the Password which each of us, hopefully, is personally bound to keep secure . . Later, we may make the SNOWBIRD page Password-protected if those listed request this . . And - of more importance - the non-joiner is not listed in the CLASS ROSTER page that lists the home address of duespayers only . . If we live long enough and the money holds out, we’ll also have a GEOGRAPHIC website page that’ll list our duespayers by city and state.
          Second part of the question: There’ll shortly be a page carrying a ’44 Application Form . . He or she will be most welcome to re-join us at any time . . .with open arms! . .We’re still obsessed with reaching 440 Paid on the University rolls, but Father Time is working against us.

< 9 > Using WebTV

Q. I use WebTV.net as my browser and am having a difficult time opening our website. Is there anything I can do?
           A. Quoting Keith Kubarek, the ex-alumni webmaster: "Viewing sites using WebTV be a problem. WebTV is a very limited web browser and many web page features cannot be viewed using WebTV. On the ’44 site, for example, the opening page animation will NOT come through. Many times forms will not work either. For any site to work with WebTV it has to be very basic, which is unfortunate. It’s possible that your web developer could create two separate sites - or two separate home pages, one for WebTV users and one for regular browsers." This has been done - see Question <1>.

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