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A full, 60-year flashback

     With the cooperation and support of those '44 classmates who are listed below as our website byliners, we'll attempt to capture in both photos and verbiage - mostly the former - the 12 five-year gatherings of our 1,600-odd freshmen who entered as the Class of 1944 in 1940.

     Again, what you read and what you see in photos are dependent on the production funds that are available to us and of more importance, they're dependent on the photo contributions that have been - and will continue to be - submitted voluntarily by '44's to "flesh out" a particular assembly.

     We've been an active shutterbug over the decades and many of these Reunion pages reflect our personal efforts ..You should also know that many of the snapshots have indeed been submitted by your fellow classmates and where known, we've "credited" their efforts in the captioning.  Where a specific five-year Reunion is devoid of any photographic coverage, we've gone with just the Reunion "report" and the Reunion Group Photo and hope that this suffices.   If it doesn't, forgive.

     Lastly, we may NOT be able to post these on the '44 website in true chronological order. Alot depends on the material we have at hand at any given point in time and on the responsiveness of the byliner(s).

     Captioning of the individual Reunion group photos?  Captions were never taken by the University’s contract photographers at the time their photo(s) were taken . . To compensate partially for this lack of captioning, we’ve built in a Click-On Super-Enlargement Photo Feature for you. And it will then be up to you to tie the names of your classmates to the enlarged photos that you see . . That’s the best that we can do.

Art Kesten,
  60th Reunion Chair

A look back at our past 11 gatherings.
(Here are your classmates who'll turn back the clock for all of us!)

5th Reunion (Men’s) (1949) Bill Falkenstein
5th Reunion (Women’s) (1949) Dotty Kesten
10th Reunion (Men’s) (1954) Flip Collins
10th Reunion (Women’s) (1954) Rosanne Buckenmaier Guinan
15th Reunion (1959) Bobbie Hall Bowne
20th Reunion (1964) Maggie McCaffrey Kappa
25th Reunion (1969) Don Middleton
30th Reunion (1974) Frank Moore
35th Reunion (1979) Sig Hoffman
40th Reunion (1984) Ted Smith
45th Reunion (1989) Jeanne Neubecker Logue
50th Reunion (1994) Nancy Torlinski Rundell
55th Reunion (1999) Jane Knight Knott
60th Reunion (2004) Art Kesten



Your 65th Reunion takes place on June 4-7,
2009. We'll probably be billeted in the Statler
but will request Hurlburt House as our 1st option.
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