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We do the W. Mediterranean a second time!

("And port-stop at many locations we missed on the first cruise!")

All decked out and STANDING AT REAR, left to right, June Lonergan, Charlie and Kit Sigety, Hank Bates, Bud Rundell, Andy Capi, Nancy Rundell, Arlene Lungen, “Jenks” Jenkins, Serena Hoffman, Arlyne Shockman, Janet Starr (behind Arlyne), Ellie Scholl, Harold Parker (behind Ellie), Cee Finneran, Dorey Jenkins, Don Middleton, Helen Alexander, Merrill Sands, Ann Brown, Bill Brown (Ibehind Ann) Eleanor and Russ Kerby, Jan Scott, Gloria Bellis, Ted Thoren (Ibehind Gloria), Dick Evans, Daurine Noll, Bob Miller (behind Daurine), Jeanne Thoren, Bunny DeGolyer, Susan Helmick, and Mitzi Sands ….. SITTING IN MIDDLE ROW, l. to r., Lucy Canterbury, Sherrill Capi, June Parker, Marie and Shannon Cramer, Norah Bannock, Anne Middleton, and Phyllis Evans ….. SITTING ON FLOOR, l. to r., are Sig Hoffman, Russ Bannock, Cal DeGolyer, Beth Quinn, Dotty and Art Kesten, and Pete Bellis. Missing from the group photograph were Cliff and Maryann Whitcomb. This CLUB 44 photo was taken aboard Holland America’s MS Noordam on Wednesday, September 29, 2004.

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