Taking the ’44 show on the road . .

     When the webmaster called me and asked me to byline this particular website page, I told him that he must be out of his mind . . . His calm response to my initial, somewhat agitated refusal was that . . .
     . . . I was indeed a veteran "Munch and Mixer" at many of our out-of-town ’44 Tailgate Parties A "Perennial Partaker of our Pre-Game Porridge" was the way that he phrased it,
     . . . I was a full-fledged ’44 and qualified to add commentary to this website, and that,
     . . . If there were no other reason, my husband had served as the "unfrocked Official Class Photographer" for over four decades and that many of the photos that adorn these website pages were taken by him.
     . . . For good measure, he added that "being the good wife that you are, Lila, you’re probably the one who separated, dated, captioned, and sent all of those hundreds of Mort’s prints that you two have mailed out over the years."

     He was right on all four counts, of course . . so here I am . . a website byliner . . Well, I’m not going to waste any time or words . .

     The photo stories that follow cover our ‘44 Tailgate assemblies at four of the many sites at which we’ve circled our wagons . . Hanover, NH - Baker Field in New York; Princeton, NJ; and New Haven, We enjoyed each other’s company when we gathered at these Tailgate Parties - the ONLY difference in being at the away games was that we missed Jeanne Thoren’s chili, chicken, and kielbasa and, foodwise, we largely had to fend for ourselves . . However, the Thorens attended many of these out-of-Ithaca gatherings so you know for certain that we didn’t miss Ted’s Slivo . . .

     If you have an opportunity to attend a ’44 Tailgate in the future, I encourage you to do so. They’re fun . . . and the Big Red team more often than not does its part to make it a truly memorable occasion.

Lila Perless Savada
, ’44 AB, Arts & Sciences
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