In which we tattle about ourselves . .

     In June of 1999, some 144 members of the Class who were attending our 55th Reunion were given a take-home copy of "Tales" - a 50-page compilation of 63 "true stories" as related to Bob Schmidt, the editor of this unique batch of yellow journalism.

     This edition was singularly difficult to hide in anyone's library or magazine rack because of its own BRIGHT RED Cornell wraparound cover. For the record, an additional 229 duespayers (who - for shame! - did NOT choose to attend the Reunion) also received a personal copy of "Tales."

     We cannot get into the "meat" of Bob's endeavor - or any part of it - in this website. The copy is just too extensive, BUT we can give you some "feel" for those subjects about which your contributing classmates waxed prolific by listing their various "subtitles" here. Rest assured that "Tales" made for many, many hours of entertaining reading . . All of the following material was written by Bob Schmidt . . . Art.


     Fondness for Alma Mater and Ithaca are rampant among us. A special place on earth! A desirable place to retire. T-shirts proclaiming "It's hard to be humble if you've gone to Cornell!" . . Wisconsin – OK; Stanford – yes, but earthquakes? Sunsets on Cayuga - anytime!

Hindsights Unbespectacled; Cornell and Ithaca - Then and Now - by M. Dan Morris.
Memories of us in 1940-1941 and Sebela Wehe by J. Warren Finch
A Cornellian in a Foreign Land–Shippensburg, PA by Wells and Sara Storm
The Hotel School and Those Men’s Smokers by Margaret McCaffrey Kappa.
Cornell Revisited – Our Return in 1965 by Cushing Phlllips, Jr.

The Chaotic Years

     Few males of ’44 were able to go "straight through" Cornell during the chaotic years ’40 through ’47. It was enlistment, draft, or enrollment in special (some elite) programs in one or other of the services. A neat Christmas card shows Dick Hillman in an Army uniform shaking hands with Dick Hillman, Navy. Near-campus fraternities became Navy barracks, with brothers doubling up with other Greeks in host houses that were not commandeered by the services.

     Despite the vicissitudes, displacements, and traumas of World War II, many of us eventually completed our educations, some with some help from Uncle Sam. That's why so many of us, though our degree dates are not ’44, are nevertheless enthusiastic members of ‘'44.

Notes on the end of World War I by Prof. “Howie” Evans.
My First Real Job at the Cornell University Press by Madeleine King Short
Becoming Officers and Gentlemen by “Bill” Falkenstein
A Doctor of Latrines by Dr. “Herb” Eskwitt
A B-25 Bombing Mission in the South Pacific by “Charlie” Williams
Fort Niagara and Almost Going AWOL by "Bill" Falkenstein
The Cornell Quartermaster ROTC by Prof. “Howie” Evans
An Accidental Reunion during European Combat by "Jerry" Levitan
A Cornell ’44 Bombing Mission by “Bill” Falkenstein

Family and Marital Bliss

     We were amazed in our 50th Reunion Survey how many marriages were spawned between classmates and just how many marriages have lasted. Even unions with "outsiders” have been successful. Divorces and separations and second-time-arounds are more common among our children.

Japan,’46 – Marrying the SAME occidental woman three times by Art Kesten
We did it! We raised six kids! by "Sig" Hoffman
It happened in Austria – I met my wife-to-be by "Jerry" Levitan
We were re-united at our 40th Reunion by Hal and Ruth Cosline Rhynedance
“Jo” – A wonderful life together by Philip "Flip" Collins
What if . . I’d married Sy? by Nancy Torlinski Rundell
A 50th Anniversary with our family by "Howy" Blose

Ventures, Adventures, and Misadventures

     All of us have experienced things or events that were out of the ordinary – whether accidentally, serendipitiously, or deliberately. We know there are many more stories among us but here are a few that some of us dared to tell.

"Heave To!” said the USCG. A disastrous day afloat.
by Virginia MacArthur Clagett
Crossing the Suspension Bridge in a Jeep
(without serving any jail time) by "Bill" Falkenstein
A visit to a corner of the Catskills
by Joyce "Jo" Cook Wilson
Pinecliff Retreay – Country-Living Madness
by "Bob" Schmidt
Outward Bound Honeymooners on a 29 foot sloop
by Alison King Barry
Traveling San Souci – Globetrotting it alone
by Milton "Stolly" Stolaroff
Florida Fever – Doing Miami and Much, Much More
by "Bob" Schmidt
A hairy campus bobsled run downhill for eight
by "Gordy" Clement

Curricula Vitae

     Early on, Alma Mater has emphasized flexibility in career directions and here are a few examples of how widely we have ranged. A few of us have "stuck to our guns" but not without diverse hobbies, interests, distractions. Most impressive - and the hallmark of Cornell "products" that, regardless of what status we've achieved, there's a "down-to-earth" goodness" about us and dedication to an egalitarian and useful life.

From vacuum tubes to a very large scale integration
Extracts from the memoirs of Joseph C. "Joe" Logue
as derived by Bob Schmidt
Jack of All Trades – Master of None – My Look Back
by Jane Knight Knott
Coping with the Glass Ceiling
by Barbara Gans Gallant
Farming – Family – and Faith
by Calvin S. "Cal" DeGolyer
Tick Fever and my biography of “Dr. Ticks”
by Jeanne Neubecker Loque
Early Struggles and Corporate Days
by "Bob" Schmidt
Navy Duty with the WAVES – VJ Day in Times Square
by Helen Couch Darlinq
Hard Work, the Best People, and Good Luck
by "Bob" Gallagher
“Hello, World! – Hello, Cornell! – Hello, Career!
by "Joe" Flynn
Business, Public Service, and Globetrotting
by Howard "Skip" Greene, Jr.
A Lifetime of Javanese Experiences
by Harrison Parker
A Chem-E’s Life with the Dupont Chemical Company
by Otis D. Purdie
Our Skiing Saga – It All Began in Ithaca
by Dick and Ruth Leonard Claassen
Life as a Working Architect – No Complaints
by Alison King Barry
“Parenting” – A Book, Lecture, One’s Life Work
by Ruth Caplan Brunton
Mixing Agricultural and Veterinarian Careers
by Dr A. Louis Shor
Doing my own thing and succeeding at it
by "Tony" Misciagna
Material Management within the Refinery Structure
by A Landon Baker
Working on a L.I. Truck Farm – Summer, 1941
by Dr Alfred Owczarzak
Coping with WWII, Vietnam, and the KGB
by COL (Ret.) Edward J. Ahrens Sr.
From a Shooting Gallery to Hunting Exotic Game
by Hilda Lozner Milton
An Architectural School Graduate Goes Corporate
by Daniel Wiegner

Tributes and Dedications

     We are surprised not to have gotten tributes to Alma Mater itself and feel we must salute a remarkable roster of inspired presidents, administrators, deans and faculty - not to mention trustees who, over the years, have kept Cornel! on the cutting edge and make us in the words of others "The Great American University," "A National Treasure."

     We especially look forward to hosting our beloved President Emeritus Frank Rhodes (and Rosa) and our go-getter President Hunter Rawlings (and Elizabeth) at our 55th Reunion Dinners. Meanwhile, here are some tributes and dedications dear to our classmates.

Henderson G. Riggs (1923-1987)
by "Cal" DeGolyer
Joe Driscoll, No Ordinary Joe (1922-1990)
by M. Dan Morris
Beauregard. Our 8-Week-old Yellow Lab
by "Bill" Whitney
A Paean to Un-Retirement Teaching
by Margaret "Peg" Pearce Addicks
Viva La Kestens!” for our CLUB 44 Connection
by Barbara Gans Gallant
Oregon Sanctified – A B&W Photo Showing
by Dr. "Al" Owczarcak

     When the "Tales" project was first proposed in early 1998, there was considerable enthusiasm for it, but the response in actual “Takes” that we received was quite lean. Numerous direct pitches by Art and Dotty, Nancy Rundell (in the CORNELL ALUMNI MAGAZINE) and myself finally turned the tide and we generated well over 50 contri-butions, though we know there are many more literate '44's out there who should have and could have come across with some wild and wooly anecdotes.

     My special thanks go to co-editor Nancy and also to Art for his experienced advice on format and economy. Further, Michele Holmes and her ON CALL CONSULTANTS took on the task of composing and printing "Tales." Her enthusiasm for the stuff of "Tales" was notable especially since she could be our grandkid. Enjoy!

Bob Schmidt,VP, NY City & Long Island
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