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Class of 1944 Tales

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Betty Droz
Betty Droz

"Cornell Re-Visited" by Cushing Phillips, Jr.
"Fort Niagara" by W.D. (Bill) Falkenstein
"Enjoy your stay, Colonel" by Edward J. Ahrens, COL., Ret.
"The Good News Foundation" by Elizabeth (Betty) Scheidelman Droz

Ruth Rhynedance
Ruth Rhynedance

"Pinecliff Retreat" - by Robert L. (Bob) Schmidt
"The Glass Ceiling" by Barbara (Bobbie) Gans Gallant
"Heave Ho!" by Virginia (Ginny) MacArthur Claggett
"Kappa from Cornell" by Ruth Cosline & Harold D. Rhynedance

SET 10
Ruth Brunton
Ruth Brunton

"Globetrotting It Alone" by Milton (Milt) Stolaroff
"Hard work, the best people, and good luck" by Robert E. (Bob) Gallagher
"Outward Bound" by Alison King Barry
"Parenting - 50 Years Plus!" by Dr. Ruth (Caplan) Brunton

SET 11
Ruth Claassen
Ruth Claassen

"We did it! We raised six kids!" by Sigmund (Sig) Hoffman
"A corner of the Catskills" by Joyce (Jo) Cook Wilson
"From vacuum tubes to large scale integration" by Joseph C. (Joe) Logue
"A Claassen Saga" by Ruth (Leonard) Claassen

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