Your Class Leaders, '40-'09

     On our Leadership page, Kit Sigety provides you with a six-decade breakdown of those classmates of ours who have served Cornell '44 as presidents.

     I was honored to be "tapped" as the President of the Men's Class back in 1940, and you can be assured I'm more than delighted to be here in person to report this fact to you more than 60 years later.

     All of these Class leaders are pictured at the right and you may see them by scrolling down below. Their captions reflect their years of Presidential service in their respective terms of office.

     All of these same photos appear on campus on the north wall of our Class of '44 Memorial Room and are just a small part of the more than 150 photos on permanent display in this room that now does double duty as a student-athlete study hall.

     The display was put together in 1994 at the time of our 50th Reunion and the photos shown here are of that vintage or earlier ... See them here in this Website, or better yet, see them full-size in your '44 Memorial Room when you visit the campus.

Bob Ballard
, Past President, '44
Nov 04
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