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     I assure you that "Website With-Its" is a most appropriate page title . . I'm "Tofe" Tofias, BS 46, who plod our Engineering School campus before and after World War II, and who's been most happy to be an active '44 ever since . . and I want you to know that I am one of the many "Website With-Its."

     A bit of background: In the three years since the inception of this class website, the entire project has been underwritten WITHOUT any formal Class support . . that is, the Class Treasury has NOT been utilized in any way.

     At our 60th Reunion's formal dinner, the announcement was made that classmate Bob Gallagher had donated all of the substantial funds that were used to produce the website prior to June, 2004 . . . a five-figure amount.

     Just prior to that occasion, Charlie and Kay Sigety, and later in 2004, Peter Miller and Jerry Levitan joined Bob as major supporters of this ongoing class endeavor.

     In July, 2004, your webmaster reviewed the half-completed project, noted the balance deposited in the website account at Cornell, and concluded that he'd have to appeal to the full class for the additional funding needed to complete the project as planned.

     Through August 15, 2005, some 97 classmates have responded to the appeal and collectively have donated $21,520 - major underwriting that will help '44 to reach its Day 1 website goal . . . that of providing our progeny with a compre-hensive look at how we lived at Cornell in the '40's and how we enjoyed our togetherness as active alumni in our countless class activities during the last six decades.

     Were you a With-It? . . It's never too late to become one and join the rest of your classmates on this list . . . Just contact the Webmaster at

Arnold "Tofe" Tofias, BS 46
North Easton, Massachusetts
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